Will Our 2014 Ticket Be in Warren County April 19?

Our 2014 statewide candidate slate may come together quicker than we think. It's all fine and well to mull over the names of dream candidates or fantasize about contested primaries. But the reality is A. lots of "ideal" candidates won't run for personal reasons that won't allow them to commit the time & energy to non-stop crisscrossing of the state and B. all of the candidates need time to build statewide name recognition, the more time the better.

Deep in the heart of blood-red southwest Ohio is bloody, bloody Warren County (home of the infamous 2004 election-night "homeland security" alert that locked down the board of elections there). The place is crawling with Republicans. You may find one splattered on your windshield if you're ever driving through.

It's also home to an intrepid and determined little band of Democrats, the Warren County Democratic Party. Like many county parties, they're having an annual fundraising dinner. But they're not just bringing some local Democratic county officeholder (do they have one?) to speak. They have snagged one of the most likely candidates in every statewide race next year as a guest speaker:


If you are in southwest Ohio and you want to get a sneak preview of what our 2014 ticket could very well very look like, you don't want to miss this event. Your $75 will go to a good cause: turning over rocks and ferreting out hidden potential Democratic voters in this neck of the woods. And yes, they DO exist.

RSVP here: https://wcdp.webconnex.com/spring2013

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