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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

News and Notes: Presidential Candidates

What are those would-be CIC's up to?
Duncan Hunter - The national security-obsessed California Congressman announced the launch of his "The Right Stuff Express" RV tour yesterday, featuring legendary test pilot Chuck Yeager. Playing off John McCain's well-known "The Straight Talk Express" bus tours, Hunter will begin his RV tour by travelling around South Carolina this week.

Al Gore - The Democratic non-candidate is getting a lot of media play, from the New York Times' sunday magazine feature about his big plans on global warming and yesterday's review of his new book out today to two new pieces on Huffington Post yesterday (one promoting Gore individually and the other pumping a Gore-Obama ticket), to a laudatory column by E.J. Dionne in the Washington Post today:
Whatever flaws he has, Gore suffered through an extreme injustice with great dignity. His revenge is to have been right about a lot of things: right about the power of the Internet, right about global warming and right about Iraq.
John McCain - Reacting perhaps to yesterday's Des Moines Register poll that showed Mitt Romney with a substantial lead in Iowa, the Arizona senator ripped the former Massachusetts governor yesterday for attacking the compromise immigration reform bill now under consideration in the Senate. Perhaps Romney's solution to the immigration crisis is "to get out his small varmint gun and drive those Guatemalans off his lawn," McCain said, alluding to a newspaper report that a landscaping crew at Romney's gubernatorial mansion included illegal aliens. McCain also intimated that Romney's views are dictated by political expediency, saying that McCain might "wait a couple of weeks and see if the winds change and Mitt comes back around."

Hillary Clinton - Who benefits the most from Florida's decision to advance its primary to the very early date of January 29th? A chart compiled by Chris Bowers at MyDD.com shows that the average of three recent polls puts the former First Lady well ahead of nearest rival Barack Obama in Florida (41.3% to 18.%). It is the biggest number for Clinton among the various early-primary states, according to the chart.

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