John Kasich plans to campaign all day Tuesday: where's the outrage?,.. is reporting that Gov. John Kasich will make a three city campaign swing tomorrow - a Tuesday. The Ohio GOP have been throwing tantrums wanting Kasich's Democratic challenger, Ed FitzGerald, to release key card swipes into an office parking garage. They want this information, because they think it will help determine how often he's in his public office - - but in reality the information they want wouldn't do this. The underlying accusation the Ohio GOP is making is that Ed FitzGerald campaigns on public time. They even went so far as to make ridiculous posters that make this insinuation. Now, in total hypocrisy the Ohio GOP's candidate will spend the entire day out of his public office, on the campaign trail.

Worse still, the article on that reports this was written by Henry Gomez. He has been just as nutty as the Ohio GOP in wanting FitzGerald to release key card information. Henry has - it seems - been working in conjunction with the Ohio GOP to make this an issue. In his article, Henry, never mentions the hypocrisy by both himself and the Ohio GOP. I can't image the outrage if this was Ed FitzGerald, but since it's John Kasich, where exactly is it?

Article being reference can be found here:

Ohio Officeholder, candidate, and Organization Responses to the Hobby Lobby Decision

Here are some of the responses we've received in the last couple of days from Ohio Democratic candidates and officeholder as well as organizations that work on freedom, choice, and equality issues. They're in the order received. Sherrod Brown (who responded almost immediately after the decision came down), Ed Fitzgerald, David Pepper, Freedom Ohio, and of course, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio all responded within about an hour Monday morning.

*U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown

“Health care decisions should be made by women and their doctors – not by their bosses. This Court’s deference to corporations is once again all too apparent, and I’m disappointed that the Supreme Court opened the door so that corporations can make personal health care decisions for their employees. We must work to ensure that all employees affected by today’s decision maintain cost-free access to women’s health care. If religious freedom is to mean anything, Americans must be able to have their own beliefs, rather than their employers’ beliefs imposed upon them. Corporations are not people.”

*Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Ed FitzGerald

"Today's decision on the Hobby Lobby case is bad for both women and families across Ohio. Not only does this ruling inappropriately involve a woman's boss in extremely personal healthcare decisions, but it also hits at the pocketbooks of families who are already struggling to get by. As Governor, I will stand up against John Kasich's extreme restrictions on women's healthcare and fight for the health and economic security of Ohio's working families. John Kasich also needs to tell voters if he supports involving employers in women's healthcare decisions."

*Kellie Copeland, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio

More About the Catholic Church and the Road to the Hobby Lobby Decision

There’s a lot of talk around the Internet pooh-poohing the significance of the Supreme Court’s finding in favor of Hobby Lobby and other companies that want to use the “religious freedom” excuse to get out of covering contraception in the health care plans they offer employees.

I’ve been seeing a tidal wave of this casual, unthinking sexism from people who should know better, insisting this isn’t such a big deal, that “women can just buy their own” or erroneously insisting it just applies to a handful of forms of contraception (the Supreme Court made it clear it applies to all), that are equivalent to abortion (they’re not). And anyway, why should someone have to pay for something that violates their “religious beliefs”?

But in fact, the road to the Hobby Lobby decision was paved by a single church whose opposition to contraception is driven by its underlying disregard for women and belief in their innate sinfulness. You know it, you may even be a (most likely contraception-using) member of it: the Roman Catholic Church.

Its response to this bitter truth, of course, is predictable: “Anti-Catholic! Anti-Catholic!” Back at you: “Anti-woman! Anti-woman!”

I talked in a precious post about the new book by Patricia Miller called Good Catholics about the history of the contemporary pro/anti choice battle in the Catholic Church. Her timing couldn’t have been better. It details exactly how the Hobby Lobby decision came about, even before it did.

While much of the story was familiar to me, I was not aware of the degree to which today’s anti-choice movement is entirely a product of the Catholic Church or that it has always included opposing contraception as part of that battle — something it downplayed because of the idea’s unpopularity. But it has long engaged in political lobbying to make contraception denial public policy for all, including non-Catholics.

And For Ohio Women, the News Gets Worse and Worse

The past three and a half years have been a disaster for women in Ohio in nearly every way, no more so than when the Republican legislature passed a package of cruel and pointless anti-abortion measures it crammed at the last minute without public airing into the budget bill and Governor Kasich, like a yellow-bellied snake he is, signed into law late on a Sunday night, surrounded entirely by six other middle-aged white men.

Women's rights activist Lana Moresky holds a blowup of Karen Kasler's famous photo of the occasion:


They've already signaled their intention to make Ohio even more anti-woman with even more restrictions on women's equality and autonomy, disguised as concern for the "unborn." That of course has been shown up to be an egregious lie by virtually everything else they have done. (Hey guys — what about funding education equitably so the BORN can have a future?)

Now as a result of their measures, abortion clinics are starting to close around the state. I personally am so tired of hearing "Oh, they'll never ban abortion because it's such a good fundraiser." In effect, they have and are banning abortion for women who are not affluent. They are making it functionally unobtainable.

I just got this email from Kellie Copeland who heads NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, with some not-good news coming on the tail of the not-good news from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Governor Kasich and Attorney General DeWine Move a Step Closer to Closing Hamilton County Abortion Clinic"

Welcome to the Catholic States of America

Welcome to the Roman Catholic States of America, where everyone is forced to live under the rule of Catholic Sharia Law whether they are Catholic or not. And that law, handed down by an exclusively celibate (in theory) male hierarchy is based on a centuries-old loathing of women in whom they have located all evil and sin, particularly connected with sex.

Today the Supreme Court which, by bizarre coincidence includes six Roman Catholics (all the conservative wing) and three Jews but no Protestants — the dominant religious strain in America — ruled that Hobby Lobby, run by a militant rightwing misogynist, does not have to pay for employees’ contraception under the Affordable Care Act. And in another of their stinky “This is blatantly ideological” moves, they said it ONLY applies to contraception so don’t go thinking that YOUR company can claim a religious belief against providing Viagra — or vaccines or blood transfusions.

There are exceptions to this ruling, but this is yet another step in the escalating war against women. It’s another step in exposing how little the virulent anti-abortion gang is actually about “unborn babies” and how much they are about their contempt for women and their desire to control and punish them.

And while people are quick to accuse the Republican religious right, which is primarily evangelical Christian and often even anti-Catholic, make no mistake: this is about codifying into law Catholic dogma — dogma even many Catholics disagree with.

While the Catholic Church has pushed its anti-abortion and anti-contraception positions for well over a century, becoming increasingly hardline over the years to the point where its positions on these issues have threatened to drown out everything else, there is no similar dogma on the decentralized and diverse evangelical side, which has multiple voices.

Why doesn't the Ohio Democratic Party...

Why doesn't the Ohio Democratic Party create some "What's John Kasich hiding?" signs and have people hold them along side these fine folks? Then every time the ORP took a picture of this stuff you'd get the same relevant and fair question turned back on them. Seriously, what is John Kasich hiding? Or Mary Taylor. Or Josh Mandel. Or what's Matt Borges laundering?

Interesting quote from Hillary Clinton's book Living History...

Here's an interesting quote from Hillary Clinton's book Living History (note this is not her most recent book Hard Choices)...

"I do believe there was, and still is, an interlocking network of groups and individuals who want to turn the clock back on many of the advances our country has made, from civil rights and women's rights to consumer and environmental regulation, and they use all the tools at their disposal-money, power, influence, media and politics - to achieve their ends."

(Clinton, Living History, P. 446)

The book was written in 2003. Foretelling.

So where are Laura Johnson and Heather Brandt

In case you had not been following Laura Johnson was Lt. Governor Mary Taylor's chief of staff. Heather Brandt was an assistant to Laura Johnson. Both of these women resigned from their positions in early June, because they forged time cards indicating they worked more than they did.

One might think that these two women resigned in disgrace - - that their careers were ruined. And this may be true. But I wouldn't be surprised if both these women weren't working away somewhere on some conservative organization's payroll. They could very well be working on the Kasich/Taylor re-election campaign. The positions might not be as glamours and the pay might not be as much as they were making, but there is a very good chance they're working somewhere for conservatives. It's a decent bet that they're still in the "Family". And if this is true, I'm sure part of their new employment is contingent on them keeping quiet. They'll avoid talking to the media at all costs.

You see in the conservative/Republican world a person never has to face up to wrong doing. Look at the chairman of the Ohio Republican Party Matt Borges. He orchestrated a money laundering scheme that he was found guilty of, and now he heads the state party. Ever heard the name Matt Damschroder? When you start looking into things the list goes on and on. So many Republicans are found guilty of so many infractions like this and they still rise through the ranks. Given the history and the pattern of how the Republicans operate, why would anyone not believe that these two are currently working for the Ohio Republican Party or directly for the Kasich/Taylor campaign? Has anyone bothered to check? Where are Laura Johnson and Heather Brandt? It might surprise you... or maybe not.

Cincinnati Inquirer Columnist Rips Josh Mandel a New One

It's astonishing to see a GOP officeholder so blatantly sleazy that even Ohio's cautious, right-leaning newspapers can't stomach him. But Josh "The Empty Suit" Mandel has attained this exalted status.

Actually, he attained it some time ago and keeps upping the ante. Back in 2012, during his misbegotten U.S. Senate campaign against Sherrod Brown, the Columbus Dispatch, which is virtually the house newsletter of the Ohio Republican Party, shredded Mandel's claims of heavy crossover support from Democrats and then on its own, went on to shred the idea that he had strong support in northeast Ohio's Jewish community.

The Cincinnati Inquirer just ran this outstanding editorial titled "Mandel is the worst kind of politician."

You really don't have to go beyond the headline, but you should. It's a great piece of writing, and it nails everything that is repellent about Mandel.

Needless to say, there's a lot to write about.

Referring to the Suarez trial currently underway, the editorial says,

Whether or not a legal case can be made against Mandel, a picture has emerged of a politician who's all about money and naked ambition.

Ya think???

it refers to the flood of outside donations in the 2012 Senate race unleashed by the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision and says "Dark money found Mandel like a homing pigeon."

The revelations about Mandel's dealings with Suarez add to the narrative that money is job one for our state treasurer – not properly collecting and investing taxpayers' money, as he was elected to do, but collecting what he needs to fulfill his political ambitions.

As the editorial says, "Let's remember in November."

Education Needed At Ohio State Board of Education

This story comes to us from Right Wing Watch, and believe me, the right wing needs a LOT of watching these days for its crazy, unconstitutional, un-American, and frankly, un-Christian schemes and ideas.

At the Road to Majority conference sponsored by (scandal-ridden religious right leader Ralph] Reed’s Faith and Freedom coalition last weekend, a member of the Ohio state board of education openly called on conservative Christians to take over the educational system and return it to a foundation of “biblical truth.”

Can we institute a 4th grade civics test on the Constitution as a requirement for running for state school board?

Mark Smith, who was appointed to the board of education by Gov. John Kasich last year, is president of Ohio Christian University and president of the Ohio Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Oh but of COURSE.

At Road to Majority, Smith sounded as if he’s been reading discredited “historian” David Barton’s claims about the Constitution being drawn directly from the Bible.

No doubt he has.

“America, for 60 years we have tried to deny the source of truth. But we as a nation must not forget that truth, biblical truth, is what we were founded upon. In fact, let me remind you, truth concepts like liberty, freedom, personal responsibility, law, justice, and hope are all words that came out of the Bible. They are words that our founders relied upon and they understood that biblical truth was our foundation.”

Markie, it’s time for YOU to go back to school but everything in that quote is FALSE. Most of the founders were NOT Christians at all. Many of them resembled a faith you probably hate: Unitarians.

No. Just NO.

I vividly remember the first time I ever saw Clevelander Paul Schroeder.

It was at an anti-war gathering at Cumberland Park in Cleveland Heights in the late summer of 2005. He was standing, head bowed and lost in thought, holding one of those triangle-shaped display boxes in which soldiers’ families display memorial flags. Paul’s 24-year-old son, Augie, was one of more than a dozen Ohio soldiers killed in Iraq in August of 2005.

I also remember the first time I saw the PowerPoint presentation Paul and his wife Rosemary Palmer put together about Augie. I don’t recall that date but it was at an event at Laborers Hall downtown. Augie really came alive in that presentation as the vibrant, valuable young man he was, with so much still to give to the world — so much unfulfilled promise. For what?

That’s what his parents asked when they formed Families of the Fallen for Change to explore ways out of the quagmire in Iraq.

It took years but eventually, we disentangled ourselves from this no-goal, no-win situation, with over 4,000 dead and nothing accomplished. Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld’s prediction that the war would last “Six days, maybe six weeks, I doubt six months” proved woefully off the mark. So did assertions by other members of the war-mongering Bush administration that the war would cost no lives and no American treasure — it would all be paid for by Iraqi oil.

In the end, it cost us our economy as well as the 4,000 American dead and uncounted Iraqi dead. (Our war leaders didn’t think Iraqis were important enough to keep a tally.)

Now, as sectarian violence, predictably, breaks out again in Iraq, the chicken hawks from the Bush administration are seizing the opportunity to beat their war drums again. These are the very same people who predicted the invasion of Iraq would be blood- and cost-free and that we would be greeted as heroes by the Iraqis.

Charter School Madness

*Parents Beware!*

It’s time for charter schools to be abolished. Entirely.

I know, I know, they offer all sorts of wonderful alternative opportunities because they’re free from “regulation” (and oversight), they offer “parental choice,” blah blah blah. Rightwing education groups like Michelle Rhee’s Students First aka Students Last If At All pour money into promoting these scams and issue state “education” ratings that are about adherence to a select set of rightwing education reform policies, not the accomplishments of actual students.

One of those fake rating systems crops up in this excellent article by Jeff Bryant at Education Opportunity Network.

The article highlights the rampant corruption, failure, and waste poisoning the charter school systems in four states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida and, of course, Ohio.

He refers to something called the “parent power” ranking, issued by the rightwing Center for Education Reform, which ranks Ohio #3.

As Bryant notes,

Suarez Noose Tightens Around Another Victim

Ben Suarez, the head of Canton's Suarez Industries, is a great friend Ohio Republicans, as we've learned in the past.

He's the guy who pressured his employees to make EXTREMELY generous donations to Congressman Jim Renacci and state treasurer Josh Mandel, apparently with the promise to repay them — which is illegal. Suarez has been indicted and that case is in the courts now.

We've already mentioned how Mandel's office, in return for these EXTREMELY generous donations, intervened with the California attorney general's office in a case involving Suarez Industries.

Now it turns out Mandel isn't the only one. Kasich's office did same thing after receiving a generous donation from Suarez.

In this case, there's no suggestion of using illegal pass-throughs. However,inserting your office in proceedings in another state after receiving a generous donation is just sort of ... sleazy. It's a quid pro quo that's not really all that different from the things former Cuyahoga County commissioner Jimmy Dimora did that had the media screaming like it was the end of the world.

Now Suarez's attorneys have subpoenaed Kasich to testify, which Kasich is resisting.

According to,

Suarez's attorneys want Kasich to testify that it's OK for constituents to seek the help of elected officials, said the motion filed with federal court. The motion said defense attorneys believe Kasich's testimony would be persuasive to a jury.

I wonder how persuasive it would be to voters to say it's OK for constituents who have made EXTREMELY generous donations to seek and RECEIVE the help of elected officials that most of us can't get for far more routine and legitimate matters. Sure, elected officials are supposed to help constituents, but in this case, there was a price tag.

Ohio GOP caught stealing image to concoct blatant lie...

This is disgusting - - The Ohio GOP stole a shot from an Ohio Capital Blog video ( to create an image that makes it looks like Ed FitzGerald is trying to dodge a question. Except he's not. He answers the question that was asked him and there was no dodging as the GOP tries to make it look. See the following tweet from ODP's Lauren Hitt, and video from Marc Kovac, Ohio Capital Blog...

Seriously, why would any sane rational person ever want to elect people who do this kind of stuff to anything? Is this not wrong? Someone, please try to tell me it isn't.

ODP Chair Chris Redfern justifiably slams Henry Gomez for biased coverage...

This tweet from Chris Redfern...

What did Henry Gomez write about the Ohio Republican Party's state dinner? As far as I can tell: nothing.

So, in Henry Gomez's mind, the fair and just thing to do is write negative article after negative article about the Ohio Democratic Party's state dinner. That's balance for you.

I actually expect the next article from Henry to be about how his chair was too uncomfortable. Or that there were too many Democrats at the ODP state dinner.

Henry Gomez and Joe Vardon's biased and unprofessional coverage of ODP's state dinner...

Henry Gomez and Joe Vardon have hit new lows. They spent Friday night, the night of the Ohio Democratic Party's major fund raising dinner, mocking, ripping and making fun of the event. This by-far was NOT their jobs. One of their main points of criticism was aimed at the event's featured speaker former President Bill Clinton. They mocked him for not knowing the Ohio Democratic Party's statewide ticket that well. Why would he? Be realistic about this. The guy travels the globe.

They mocked him for reading bios of the candidates. If these two weren't such incredible assholes, they'd know that this happens a lot at political fund raising dinners. It's not that unusual.

Bill Clinton was the headline speaker for two reasons. The first was to help sell tickets. Which he did. If Henry and Joe weren't so off the charts biased they'd would have reported that last night's dinner had one of the largest attendances in years. But they didn't.

The second reason President Clinton was the headliner was to rally the troops. Which, judging by the reactions he got, he did just that.

When I covered a couple events as a volunteer writer for a small internet news source, I was told to try to capture the atmosphere of the event - - try to give someone who wasn't at the event a feel for what it was like. How were things lit, decorated, the energy in the room. I'm sure as "reporters" (as unprofessional as Henry and Joe are), I'm sure they've heard the words "capture the mood" of the event. And as far as the speeches, what was I was told was the speakers are trying to convey a point and my job was to accurately report it - - without bias. It was made clear to me what I, or anyone else doing this stuff was absolutely not supposed to do was insert my, or their own opinion into things. You are not suppose to write things like "I didn't like this." Or "I thought this was stupid." This is essentially what Henry and Joe did with tweets like this...

Kasich Signs SB 310, Makes Ohio America's Renewable Energy Caboose

Last week, SB 310 made its way through the legislature and landed on Governor Kasich's desk. The bill places a two-year hold on Ohio's renewable energy standards, putting an anchor on energy innovation in Ohio and allowing other states that are looking to the future not the past to race ahead of us, with all the jobs and clean air that go with them.

When the bill sat on Kasich's desk without action for a week, many believed the sneaky governor was going to simply not sign it which, after a period of time, meant it automatically became law. Thus, he would be able to say his fingerprints were not on this regressive measure, even though his failure to veto it allowed it to become law.

Apparently, he got some pressure from the Kock Brothers, ALEC, Big Coal, and other opponents of moving Ohio into a clean energy future. He quickly signed it without fanfare, once again likely hoping he can get away without creating a firestorm. Let's hope he's wrong.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald, who has been monitoring the situation all week, came out with this statement:

Today, Governor Kasich ignored the voices of Ohio's working families, veterans, manufacturers, religious leaders, and business leaders. By signing SB 310 in secret, John Kasich is all but acknowledging that he has cost Ohio thousands of new jobs and millions in increased utility prices in order to appease the Koch brothers and other special interests. It is an all too fitting end to a week in which the Governor has failed to give Ohioans the answers they deserve, or take accountability for the consequences of his actions.

As Governor, I will work to make Ohio a national energy leader, rather than make headlines for becoming the first state in the country to freeze renewable energy standards.

Jo Ingles - thanks for including balance and fairness in your report...

It's too bad Jo Ingles had to write anything on the latest "story" in Ohio politics. But at least she includes facts that papers like the Columbus Dispatch unprofessionally leave out. One of the main facts being that as Ohio Republicans try to attack Ed FitzGerald on scheduling whereabouts, their own candidate does the same thing. Jo Ingles includes...

"And he says Governor John Kasich refuses to release schedule information the Democrats have requested, citing similar safety concerns."

The "he" is referring to Ohio Democratic Party chair Chris Redfern.

I'm sorry, but if it's good enough for John Kasich, then it should be good enough for Ed FitzGerald. Everything the Republicans bring up can be turned back on them.

Where's Ed FitzGerald? Where's John Kasich?

Release key card information. Ask Kasich's security detail about past travel - - get travel records and time cards, it's public information.

Ask Ed FitzGerald for his schedule, then ask John Kasich.

Some events are publicized with Ed FitzGerald, it's the same with John Kasich. I knew weeks in advance that John Kasich was coming to a Global Cleveland event. I've been invited to a chamber of commerce luncheon featuring Kasich that promoted him a month in advance. Is safety really why John Kasich won't release his schedule?

Yes, this is all silly. But at least Jo Ingles did a fair job in reporting it. The entire report can be found here:

Dispatch allows ORP chair Matt Borges to write op-ed - Bill Clinton should respond...

Apparently, Matt Borges the chairman of the Ohio Republican Party (and convicted criminal), is doing op-eds for the Columbus Dispatch. That's the only thing that can be deduced in reading their latest op-ed.

[..I removed the link to the op-ed, because it hooks up with the Dispatch's premium content. One way to screw over the financially challenged Dispatch is by not signing up for, or ever bother using, their premium content. They're collecting information to try to sell precisely targeted ads. Again, if you never use the service, or never sign in, they can't do this and it hurts their business model. Suffice it to say I did offer a pretty good summary of the op-ed in the next paragraph. Seriously. I could have written that it was kindergartner scribble and that would've been accurate.]

The op-ed continues a tired call that Ed FitzGerald should release information that John Kasich doesn't release, but it leaves that fact out. It offers zero balance and it's not even logically correct.

If I were the Ohio Democrats, I'd have Bill Clinton rip the shit out this editorial and the Columbus Dispatch tonight at their statewide dinner. If possible, I'd also have him pen a response calling them on their bias.

The Wolfe school of journalism in full effect ensuring the pubic will never know anything.

The indentured servants of the Ohio Republican Party

This picture...

If I saw these guys on the street I'd feel pretty bad for them. I'd also wonder what they did wrong to be treated treated that way.

Is this the new marketing campaign for the Young Republicans? Join the YRs, we have plenty of opportunities for you to humiliate yourself.

Ideastream reporter Brian Bull wins Edward R. Murrow award for series on working poor...

Brian Bull a reporter for Ideastream in northeast Ohio was recently recognized for an excellent series he did on the working poor. He won an Edward R. Murrow award for his work - - certainly well deserved.

The series was broadcast on WCPN an NPR affiliate in the Cleveland area. It can be found here: It's not too long and well worth the listen. To give a taste, here's an excerpt where Bull is interviewing David K. Shipler, author of "The Working Poor: Invisible in America."

"Bull: It seems that among some politicians, and parts of society too, that there is almost a judgment against the poor, even sort of a backlash to the point where programs that support the poor are cut, or heavily criticized. Is there perhaps a sense that such people need to be punished, that they’re perceived as lazy, inept, or dishonest?

Shipler: “I’ve seen a resentment of the larger society toward the poor, and it’s a feature of the United States that may be unique in the world. I haven’t studied this in other places, but because of the American dream - or the American myth - which says that everyone who works hard can prosper, and because work is considered a moral virtue in the United States, there’s another side to that American myth, another side to the coin which says, ‘Well, if you don’t prosper, then you must not be working hard.’

“And therefore you must be somehow lacking morality and willing to benefit from the larger society without doing your share.

“I remember asking a woman in Cleveland, who was getting up at 3 or 4 in the morning to go to work on a bakery assembly line, how it was that she found herself in poverty.

“And her answer was one word: ‘Lazy,’ she said. ‘I’m lazy.’

Jon Husted is "pleased" with a court decision that found he violated people's right to vote...

Jon Husted, after losing a federal court case today concerning a policy he created to restrict early voting hours issued a statement that said he was pleased with it. Essentially what he did was say his policy was wrong and then thanked the federal court for straightening him out. The entire statement is re-posted below.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Statement From Secretary of State Jon Husted

Columbus – Regarding today’s federal court decision in Obama v. Husted, all of the following may be attributed to Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.

“I am pleased that the federal court has affirmed what I have long advocated -- that all voters, no matter where they live, should have the same opportunity to vote. Thankfully, uniformity and equality won the day.

“When it comes to voting days and hours, I have urged uniformity, bipartisanship and certainty – so that all Ohioans can know the rules for voting well in advance of the election.

“Absent legislative action to set hours, I had adopted by directive the only bipartisan schedule that has been offered. Now that the court has ruled, I will follow the decision.”



Columbus Dispatch prints article that seems to advocate John Kasich should release his daily schedule...

John Kasich does not release his daily schedule. Ted Strickland his predecessor did. John Kasich has been so secretive about his schedule that a lawsuit was filed to try to obtain more information. The Columbus Dispatch has condoned this behavior, but in a hypocritical way, has published an article about citizens' rights to public records. Randy Ludlow of the Dispatch writes...

"Government at all levels merely is the custodian of the people’s records — not the owner. The law states that the records belong to all Ohioans."

You're absolutely right Randy, so John Kasich should get to releasing his daily schedule. Mary Taylor, too. And how about Josh Mandel? And I can't wait for the op-ed from the Columbus Dispatch that takes these public servants to task for hiding this information. Oh wait, that's not going to happen, because the Dispatch doesn't want citizens to ask questions about what Republicans are doing. They specifically direct people to look into things like local school districts. Don't mind the statewide offices that are denying people the right to vote or changing laws that could potentially allow some fracking company to dump their waste in your backyard. Fucking propaganda.

Link to the propaganda can be found here:

What Henry Gomez and Joe Vardon aren't telling you part III

Wow - Joseph at Plunderbund definitely has the scoop into the developing scandal in the Lt. Governor's and Governor's office. He actually looked further into the "hostile working environment" quote and found...

"Brandt cited an “unhealthy hostile work environment” as her reason for leaving. Which certainly may explain the high turnover rate for Taylor staffers – especially those who followed Taylor from the Ohio Auditor’s Office where she served prior to taking over at Lieutenant Governor."

Link to complete story:

If it was up to Henry and Joe, Ohioans would know none of this. It's really getting to the point where Henry and Joe are starting to look like the bloggers and Plunderbund is looking like the real news source.

David Pepper Gives Democrats Something to Think About


Sunday evening, David Pepper and NIna Turner, "your voter protection team," spoke to a packed room at Zanzibar on Shaker Square in Cleveland at an event sponsored by the Shaker Heights Dems.

Most active Democrats are familiar with the sad story of how Ohio's Republican officeholder have chipped away at voting opportunities, taking away those we once had. And whatever arguments you might make about how we still have sufficient voting opportunities, that's just the wrong direction.

But David Pepper said something else that ALL Democrats should be thinking about — especially those who are not "excited" or "motivated" or are even still grumbling about our candidates for this or that little picayune reason.

He pointed out that when Kasich was first elected, voters were voting on his promises — but this time, they are voting on his record. And if he wins, he will say he has a mandate to double down — and he would.

As Pepper said, re-electing Kasich would send a message to him and everyone else that Ohioans LIKE what he has done in the last four years.

They were fine with SB 5 in the long run and won't mind future attacks on labor.

They're fine with the restriction of women's reproductive freedom, with erecting obstacles to voting primarily for urban voters, with slashing local government and public school funding and giant local tax increases to make up the difference. They're OK with his attacks on public education and teachers in general.

They think it's peachy that Ohio shamefully repeals its clean energy standards and faces environmental degradation and the loss of tens of thousands of jobs just to please wealthy GOP donors in the coal and gas industries.

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