Funniest Campaign Site URL Ever?

From the No Comment Department comes this campaign web site URL for Greene County Commissioner candidate Richard King (R-Xenia):

[h/t to a reader]

Ohio Democratic Congressional Fund-Raising Numbers

With a huge helping of thanks to Earl, here is a round-up of fund-raising reports for the fourth quarter of 2007 by Ohio's Democratic congressional candidates. Incumbents are marked with an asterisk. Candidates who have raised less than $5,000 are not required to file:

Name District 4Q Donations Cash on Hand Debts or note
Steve Driehaus OH-01 $190,054.78 $418,662.01  
Steve Black OH-02 $64,322.00 $223,535.61 $58,320.00
Victoria Wulsin OH-02 $113,773.32 $344,315.29  
William R. Smith OH-02     Did not file report
Jane Mitakides OH-03     Did not file report
Charles Sanders OH-03 $1,090.00 $21.14  
David Esrati OH-03     Did not file report
Mike Carroll OH-04     Did not file report
George Mays OH-05     Did not file a report
Charlie Wilson* OH-06 $64,905.33 $294,645.87 $191,650.00
Dave Woolever OH-07 $1,791.48 $305.84 Debts $12,900.00
Bill Conner OH-07 $3,352.03 $5,780.17 Debts of $10,500.00
Sharen Neuhardt OH-07     Did not file report
Richard Wyderski OH-07     Did not file report
Tom Scrivens OH-07     Did not file report
Jack Null OH-07     Did not file report
Nick von Stein OH-08     Did not file report
Marcy Kaptur* OH-09 $29,250.00 $847,210.88 All income from PACs
Barbara Ferris OH-10 $12,234.00 $6,547.52  
Joe Cimperman OH-10 $227,599.78 $204,771.90  
Tom O'Grady OH-10 $28,300.00 $25,415.33  
Rosemary Palmer OH-10 $19,203.00 $51,737.13  
Dennis Kucinich* OH-10 $13,351.09 $13,383.26  
Stephanie Tubbs Jones* OH-11 $132,646.58 $114,704.16 $82,958.00 from PACs
David Robinson OH-12     Did not file report
Russ Goodwin OH-12     Did not file report
Aaron Dagres OH-12     Did not file report
Betty Sutton* OH-13 $74,139.68 $172,403.49  
Bill O'Neill OH-14 $71,226.46 $102,930.45  
Dale Blanchard OH-14     Did not file report
John Greene OH-14     Did not file report
Mary Jo Kilroy OH-15 $356,898.45 $638,086.88 $35,000
John Boccieri OH-16 $110,789.38 $308,719.15  
Mary Cirelli OH-16     Did not file report
Tim Ryan* OH-17 $165,695.01 $357,103.59  
Zack Space* OH-18 $282,181.83 $755,810.31 $11,106.88
Mark Pitrone OH-18     Did not file report

OH-12: Cocktail Reception for Russ Goodwin in Columbus 2/12

02/12/2008 - 5:30pm
02/12/2008 - 8:30pm

Via email: "It's time for us to send a veteran to Congress who understands service to his country! It's time to send Russ Goodwin to Congress!" Cocktail reception at Havana Night Club on February 12th.
Details after the flip.

OH-02: Yes, Wulsin (D) Is A Licensed Medical Doctor

There is an absurd rumor circulating on the internet that 2nd Ohio Congressional District candidate Victoria Wulsin (D-Indian Hill) is not really a licensed medical doctor, buttressed by a spurious YouTube video purporting to show that she has no state license. She does in fact have a license, but it was issued under her maiden name "Wells" rather than her married name "Wulsin," as demonstrated in this independently produced counter-video:

Update-- Anyone can look up the status of a medical license in Ohio. Here is a link to Dr.(Wells) Wulsin's active status. -EB

Obama Super Tuesday Results Watch Party in Cincinnati 2/5

02/05/2008 - 7:00pm
02/05/2008 - 10:00pm

Co-Chairs Robert Richardson, Jr., State Sen. Eric Kearney, Jan-Michele Kearney, Barbara Gould, Paul Demarco, Donald Mooney, Tom Hodges, and Charlie Luken invite you to a Super Tuesday Watch Party and Fundraiser for Obama for America on 2/5 at Sully's Sports Bar in Cincinnati.
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Statewide Organizational Meeting for Obama in Columbus 2/2

02/02/2008 - 11:00am
02/02/2008 - 1:00pm

State Sen. Eric Kearney, Mayor Mike Coleman, and County Commissioner Timothy F. Hagan invite you to attend a Special Statewide Organizational Meeting for Presidential Candidate Barack Obama.
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Clinton Super Tuesday Results Party in Cincinnati 2/5

02/05/2008 - 7:00pm
02/05/2008 - 10:00pm

Clinton supports will gather to watch the results of Super Tuesday primaries at Crowley's Pub.
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11th Congressional District Candidates Night 2/11

02/11/2008 - 7:00pm
02/11/2008 - 8:30pm

The 11th Congressional District Progressive Caucus will host a candidates night forum on Monday, February 11th, in Cleveland Heights.
Details after the flip.

Can't make this "stuff" up...

I realize that this is not about Ohio, but I saw it mentioned on the Congressional Quarterly daily round up and I couldn't resist...

According to CQ:

According to the South Bend Tribune, “attorney Tony Zirkle will run for Congress this year — his second attempt at the job. Zirkle, a Republican, ran for the Republican nomination in the 2006 primary but lost to then-U.S. Rep. Chris Chocola, the incumbent.”

“Eliminating pornography and prostitution was a centerpiece of Zirkle’s 2006 campaign . . . perhaps his most memorable suggestion was bringing back the guillotine to punish child sex offenders.” (Emphasis added.)

Want to start a pool on how long until this guy gets picked up for something salacious? I used to toil (and I do mean TOIL) in the criminal justice system writing sentencing recommendations and when reactionary pols pull this pandering it makes me want to scream.

OH-10: Palmer (D) "Superbowl Ad" Contest

Rosemary Palmer (D-Cleveland) has posted two TV ads on her website and invites the public to choose which will be broadcast during the Superbowl ... IF the 100,000 registered Democrats in the district follow her suggestion and each contribute $25 to defray the expense. The following is my favorite. Visit her site to choose yours:

Hillary Clinton Campaign Meeting in Cleveland 2/6

02/06/2008 - 6:30pm
02/06/2008 - 8:00pm

State Rep. Eugene Miller (D-Cleveland) will host an organizational meeting for supporters of Hillary Clinton for president.
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Bill Clinton - Video Highlights

Here are selected bits from Bill Clinton's speech at Cuyahoga Community College East Campus on Tuesday:

OH-02: Black (D) Radio Ad

Thanks to Politics Extra for posting this audio clip of the catchy musical radio ad for Steve Black (D-Indian Hill):

Backin' Black (mp3)

Nice riposte to the cute "Wulsin Chick" music video for Victoria Wulsin (D-Indian Hill).

Obama's Surge

At the Bill Clinton event on Tuesday, reporter Monica Langley of the Wall Street Journal asked me how I thought the Democratic presidential race stood in Ohio. "Clinton is ahead but the ground is shifting under her feet," I replied. "Obama is gaining fast." It's not scientific, but I feel that it is true.

Look at this graphic from yesterday's report on Gallup's three-day national tracking poll:

Clinton's national lead is down to single digits, Obama's trend is steadily upward, and the effect of Edwards dropping out has not yet registered.

Time has an interesting piece about the effect on the race of the remarkable enthusiasm and turnout among young voters:

[Y]oung people are voting in numbers rarely seen since the general election of 1972 — the first in which the voting age was lowered to 18. Obama is both catalyst and beneficiary. In state after state, he has drawn more young voters than any of his competitors. For a group of voters with no memory of a time before Bushes and Clintons, Obama is a fresh face. His opponents promise to fight, but Obama promises healing. His is the language of possibility, which is the native tongue of the young. And if he happens to be light on details — well, what are details but the dull pieces of disassembled dreams? "I had a friend tell me this was impossible, quoting all these political-science statistics at me to show that it's hopeless to try to organize students," says Michelle Stein, 20, media coordinator for Obama's youth campaign in Missouri. "Now he says, 'You were right, I was wrong. Where do I sign up?'"

The idea that young people don't vote is a bedrock of conventional political thinking. But Obama is all about transcending conventional thinking. It's unclear whether this will all work, but if Obama succeeds it may mark not only a transformation of this presidential race but of the dynamics of American politics -- the kind of seismic shift that occurred with Kennedy in 1960 and Reagan in 1980. That's the elusive but tantalizing upside to his candidacy.

County Offices Candidates List Complete

I have finished plugging in candidates for county office in all 27 Ohio counties with 100,000 or more residents on my County Offices Candidates List.

If you have stories about these races or URL's for campaign webs sites, please get in touch. These races are very important, as as far as I know this is the only blog that makes an effort to cover them on a statewide basis.

Edwards Withdrawal Speech - Video

Here it is:

McCain ... McCain ... Isn't He The Guy That Endorsed Ken Blackwell?

Given up for a lost cause last summer, Sen. John McCain now seems poised to grab the Republican presidential nomination, especially after Rudy Giuliani withdraws as expected later today. It seems like a good time for Ohioans to remember exactly who McCain is, as in:

Plain Dealer (Oct. 7, 2005)

Ken Blackwell's campaign for Ohio governor picked up a major national endorsement Thursday from U.S. Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican and likely presidential contender in 2008. McCain cited Secretary of State Blackwell's independence and candor among the key reasons for his support.

"Ohioans need Ken Blackwell's clear thinking, straight talk and strong leadership at the top of the ticket," McCain said in a written statement.

McCain's support has the potential to benefit both him and Blackwell.

Blackwell stands to gain from McCain's pledge to appear at public events and fund-raisers. McCain, who appeals to moderate Republicans, could bolster his standing among the GOP's right flank by endorsing Blackwell, a high-profile social conservative. ...

About six months later McCain was featured at fundraisers for Blackwell in Ohio that raised about $250,000. The Plain Dealer's Mark Naymik wrote then that McCain dismissed the notion that he was pandering to the party's conservative base, and laughed at a suggestion that Blackwell could become his possible running mate on the 2008 ticket.

Yeah, that guy. And we saw what happened to his pick for governor.

(h/t to a reader)

Ohioans for Democratic Values Presents ODP's John Hagner in Cleveland Area 2/19

02/19/2008 - 7:00pm
02/19/2008 - 8:30pm

Ohioans for Democratic Values invites all Democrats to attend a presentation by John Hagner, Targeting & Field Director for the Ohio Democratic Party, on 2/19 in Shaker Heights entitled "Winning 2008: Time to Get Going."
Details after the flip.

Democratic Presidential Straw Poll in Cleveland Area 1/31

01/31/2008 - 7:00pm
01/31/2008 - 8:30pm

Democrats, Independents, and friends are invited to a Democratic Presidential Straw Poll. Please join us to meet other voters, learn about the campaigns and volunteer opportunities, and cast your ballot for your choice for President on Thursday, January 31st.
Details after the flip.

Edwards Drops Out

In a stunning reversal, former senator John Edwards will quit the presidential race, with an announcement expected in New Orleans at 1:00 p.m. today. In his speech after the South Carolina primary he had sounded determined to stay in the race for the long haul. Adding to the drama, it was Rudy Giuliani who was widely expected to be the next candidate to drop out, probably in California some time today, so this remarkable 2008 election cycle is giving political observers another case of whiplash.

Pundits had regarded Edwards' professed determination to stay in the race as an effort to rack up as many delegates as possible, perhaps giving him clout at the convention to gain attention for his campaign issues. ABC is separately reporting that Obama met with Edwards and asked for his support. There has been much talk of a deal involving some kind of cabinet position for Edwards, particularly Attorney General, in an Obama presidency. Whether that is true or not, my sense is that this decision has everything to do with Edwards choosing Obama over Clinton, and deciding that now is the time to act.

An Edwards endorsement would help Obama, but merely dropping out appears to help Obama even without an endorsement. I expect Democrats inspired by Edwards' economic populism and concern with fighting poverty to be more drawn to Obama's message of visionary change than Clinton's message of experience and competency.

Got Health Care? Take Our Survey

Seth Michaels, Presidential Website Coordinator for the AFL/CIO, asked me to cross-post this item that also appears on the national blogs AFL-CIO Blog and Firedoglake.

Anyone can get health care in the United States. Just ask George W. Bush. Last year in Cleveland, he had this to say to the 47 million Americans without health care coverage:

I mean, people have access to health care in America. After all, you just go to an emergency room.

With emergency rooms serving as the Bush administration's solution to the nation's health care crisis, so many people are cramming into them, patient care now is at risk, according to a new study by researchers at Harvard Medical School.

But let's be fair. Bush isn't the only Republican leader who doesn't get—or doesn't care—that while the United States pays the most for per person health care coverage than any similar nation, we have lower life expectancy than most other rich countries.
Here's what former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said in a recent debate:

The reason health care isn’t working like a market right now is you have 47 million people that are saying, “I’m not going to play. I’m just going to get free care paid for by everybody else.” That doesn’t work.

Bad-mouthing uninsured Americans as "slackers" is not what the union movement, the progressive community, or just about anybody with an ounce of compassion supports.
Continued after the flip.

OH-01: Strong Fund-Raising by Driehaus (D)

State Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Price Hill) has filed his year-end FEC report and it reveals a continued strong showing as he gears up to take out Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Westwood). His net contributions for the third quarter were $190,054.78, raising his total for the cycle to $476,277.09. He has spent $60,431.14, leaving him with $418,662.01 cash on hand at year end.

In the third quarter Driehaus raised $120,504.78 from individuals and $70,150.00 from political committees, with the latter including five $5,000 contributions from labor unions and one $5,000 contribution from the Human Rights Campaign PAC, along with smaller contributions from committees associated with a variety of legislators such as Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Toledo), Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Niles), State Rep. Edna Brown (D-Toledo), State Rep. Barbara Boyd (D-Cleveland Heights), State Sen. Dale Miller (D-Cleveland), State Rep. Tim DeGeeter (D-Parma), and first-term State Rep. Jay Goyal (D-Mansfield).

Despite the strong showing by Driehaus, he is still far behind the entrenched incumbent, whose FEC report shows $1,105,210 raised for the cycle and $1,002,613 cash on hand at the end of last year. He raised $323,090.32 in the third quarter.

Bill Clinton Stumps for Hillary Clinton in Cleveland

Yesterday I trekked over to the Cuyahoga Community College eastern campus in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland to hear Bill Clinton rally a large crowd to support his spouse. As expected after the negative reaction to Clinton's attacks on primary opponent Barack Obama before the South Carolina primary, he was relatively restrained and never engaged in any direct criticism. He pretty much stuck to promoting Hillary Clinton as qualified and a life-long "change maker," although toward the end he alluded to Obama indirectly by saying that being an effective president is different from being an effective campaigner. There were no questions from the audience and there was no separate encounter with the press, presumably in order to avoid more direct and ad hoc comments.

A big crowd gathers to hear the former president, including a mix of avid Clinton supporters and those merely curious.

Clinton was preceded by Warrensville Heights Mayor Marcia Fudge (D) and Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Cleveland), who were much more energetic (and louder) in expressing their support for the candidate. Clinton's approach was more amiable and anecdotal, a style at which he is practiced and effective. Much of his talk was rather wonkish, criticizing Bush policies and promising that Hillary Clinton would change them, rather than grand themes in sweeping terms. It was almost as though Clinton looked under the hood of the nation's car and told you what parts are bad and need replacing. I think that Obama's style would be more like stepping back from the car and asking you to think beyond internal combustion.

Clinton was personable and at ease, walking about the stage with the microphone in his hand.

Here is the audio of Bill Clinton's speech (47 minutes, about 5 MB):


Video highlights are now posted here.

Franklin Co. Comm'r: Cordray (D) Endorses O'Grady (D)

Franklin County Clerk of Courts and county commissioner candidate John O'Grady (D) adds to his impressive list of endorsements with another biggie, this time Ohio Treasurer Rich Cordray (D-Grove City):

This is an excellent use of YouTube - other candidates should take note!

Edwards Debate Watch Party in Cincinnati 1/31

01/31/2008 - 8:48pm
01/31/2008 - 10:00pm

Via email: Vice Mayor David Crowley and Sherri Crowley invite you to Crowley's Pub to Watch John Edwards win yet another debate!
Details after the flip.

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