#OccupyCleveland denied access to Soldiers and Sailors quadrant of Public Square

While the overnight numbers are still impressive (over 50 last night), the struggle is no easier as the board of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument denies the request of #OccupyCleveland to use the adjacent public space.

The GOP's furious hatred of women grows and grows

The vilest member of Congress, Majority Leader Eric Cantor — a sniffy, condescending puke with a brick where his heart should be — has apparently said that the GOP will not even let the jobs bill come to a vote on the floor of the House because, you know, they didn't REALLY promise to create jobs last year when that was virtually all they campaigned on. I guess their fingers were crossed.

But you know what they do have time to vote on? This:

That's right. It's not enough for these huge-government/let-government-dictate-your-every-health-care-move-if-you-are-a-woman types that NO tax money is being used to fund abortions. They want to punish any hospital that may get federal money for something entirely unrelated if they perform an abortion to SAVE A MOTHER'S LIFE. Seriously — you have an ectopic pregnancy? Too bad. We're back to the savage laws of pre-modern nature. You die, just as if no medical treatment existed. It does, but these people want to pretend we are a primitive, undeveloped country.

What's more hilarious is that they dubbed this bill — H.R. 358 — the "Protect Life Act." They should call it the "Punish the Slut Act," because really, isn't that what this is about? Whose "life" is protected by denying a woman with an ectopic pregnancy an abortion? That doesn't matter to people like Cantor who feel they should be the ones to make the most intimate decisions for women.

If these people were truly concerned about "life," they would have passed the jobs bill, creating nearly two million jobs — many for parents desperately trying to feed their kids. But they aren't. Fetuses are useful tools to them, something they can use to keep women down. Actual living, breathing children they don't care about so much.

Clarification of earlier post re Husted/Dewine rejection of reerendum

I was in error. The information I was forwarded was confused — they had posted that secretary of state Husted and attorney general Dewine rejected HB 194 (voter suppression) petitions. In fact, they rejected the initial ballot-language petitions for HB 319 (the redistricting legislation). (Why the advice to separate this issues was good, guys).

That in itself is a real Catch 22 story. The Ohio Democratic Party has filed a complaint with the Ohio Supreme Court, charging that the Republicans in the legislature illegally added an appropriation to the redistricting bill in order to make it immune to repeal, since appropriations can't be repealed. However, in a previous case (LetOhioVote.com, the dust-up about racetrack slots), an all-Republican Supreme Court decided unanimously that that isn't kosher. It will be interesting to see what they decide this time.

So why did Husted and Dewine reject the petitions to collect signatures to repeal the redistricting bill? You guessed it – because the bill contains an appropriation, something which the Supreme Court already found to be illegal. Round and round we go on the GOP dirty-tricksmobile.

Speaking of shameless GOP arrogance

look what our blogmaster Anthony found and posted on his campaign website:


That's right. The anti-SB 5/yes of Issue 2 forces are sending out a mailer BOASTING about the fact that they cobbled together a deceptive ad based on stolen footage, an ad so unethical and borderline illegal that dozens of TV stations have pulled it.

They are "grateful for the attention and debate this ad is generating"? The debate is only over exactly how ethically bankrupt Republicans are and how much they have to lie and deceive to achieve victory. THAT'S the debate they want? Ok.

Then they play the usual right-wing victim card, learned at Sarah Palin's knee:

"Our opponents have hired high-priced DC lawyers [nothing like a little lawyer-bashing for good measure. I guess GOP lawyers work for peanuts] to bully TV stations into pulling our ad off the air — because we dared to use their own comments against them."

No, they didn't. They "dared" to distort comments made by a woman opposing Issue 2; they didn't refute her comments which would have been honest but which would have made them look like they were beating up on a nice old lady.

No TV stations were being "bullied" into pulling this ad. They pulled it because they recognized how deceptive and dishonest it was.

This is the opposition, folks: the REAL bullies — lying, deceiving, shameless and when challenged, falling into their typical whiny "Oh poor little victims us" pose. They have the sheer gall to say "Help us fight the lies."

I have a suggestion for the pro-SB 5 folks: if they want to "help fight the lies," they can stop telling them.

Husted, Dewine block filing of HB 194 petitions

I don't know quite what this is about yet, but this was posted on the Ohio Democratic Party website:


They're not sharing yet what's behind this or what it means, But it certainly demonstrates how much importance Ohio Republicans attach to being able to suppress the vote going into next year's elections. If put into effect, HB 194 will make it virtually impossible for Democrats to win elections in Ohio, increasing the cost, resources and degree of difficulty astronomically as it erects roadblocks in the path of almost anyone who isn't a well-off white suburban Republican.

It's not surprising to me that Ohio Republicans would do everything in their power to make sure that the undemocratic HB 194 stands. It will bring shame and embarrassment to Ohio but more victories to Republicans. And isn't that all that matters to them?

Did the Cincinnati Enquirer have a brain fart?

Look at this headline from today:


The first time I saw this, I assumed someone had Photoshopped it, but I've been assured this is real. Sherrod Brown also sent it out with the email I referenced in a previous post.

"GOP Kills Jobs Package."

Across the top of the front package. There must be another Cincinnati Enquirer in Bizarro World.

Sherrod Brown has a letter for you to sign


Tell John Boehner and Mitch McConnell that just because THEY have jobs doesn't mean other people aren't looking for work. And you can remind them that THEIR job is to look out for the rest of us, something they aren't doing by refusing to pass a bill creating jobs.

Sen. Brown says,

"Dear Speaker Boehner and Leader McConnell,

President Obama’s jobs plan would put millions of Americans back to work–unless you hold those jobs hostage.

Ending Medicare as we know it and privatizing Social Security would hurt America. And so did the effort by members of your caucuses to demand those things in ORDER TO PREVENT THE U.S. FROM DEFAULTING ON ITS OBLIGATIONS

We need jobs, not more hostage-taking. And we won’t stand for another effort to block progress unless you get your way on Medicare and Social Security.

If you don’t agree with the President, propose a plan that will actually create real jobs. But we won’t let you hold these jobs hostage.

Sherrod Brown "

If you doubted that many politicians really hate women,

this should put those doubts to rest.


That cesspool that calls itself Topeka, Kansas has voted to repeal its domestic violence law – basically legalizing domestic violence – because it's too expensive to enforce. The county had already said it would stop enforcing the laws for economic reasons, and the two groups just decided to play games with the safety of (mostly) women in violent relationships.

A bunch of DV suspects have already been released since no one's going to prosecute them. I wonder who will take responsibility when the first woman is killed? Well, it could be a man who gets killed if a woman who has been systematically abused decides to take matters into her own hands since the courts won't.

You think I'm being too hard on Topeka by calling it a "cesspool"? It's also the home base of Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps, whose Westboro Baptist "Church" regularly pickets the funerals of anyone it decides was insufficiently hateful to LGBT people.

We Are Ohio reports nearly a dozen TV stations have pulled pro SB 5 ad

You know, the one where the so-called "Building a Better Ohio" campaign blatantly steals from an anti SB 5 NO on 2 ad, appropriating the image of one of their supporters.

This needs to be a groundswell. First, go to the We Are Ohio page and sign their petition:


Next, if you are sitting in your comfy chair watching TV and you see an ad featuring a nice elderly woman in a pink plaid shirt — Marlene Quinn — talking about firefighters saving her great-granddaughter and then a smarmy woman's voice comes in and says, "She's right. By voting no on Issue 2, our safety will be threatened," put down your drink, get out of your chair, go to your computer and look up the email/phone number for the station you're watching and contact them to tell them to get this plagiarizing theft of a lying ad off the air.

See both ads here:


Quinn wasn't happy, and neither was Paul Weber, one of the CIncinnati firefighters who responded to this fire. See his video here:

Seriously, in what world is this an ethical, honest or moral thing to do? And yet we always hear from people on the right how very special they are, and they have managed to convince so many that they are such keepers of values and morals that they vote for them in spite of their demonstrated contempt for most people. It really is time to gin up OUR anger to a high level and denounce them with everything we've got. These people CANNOT succeed. Ads like this make it clear how tainted and unworthy their cause is.

Deranged extremists want to grab the anti-choice movement from mere extremists


The Columbus Dispatch reports that a new anti-choice group is on the drawing boards to steal some thunder from the venerable Ohio Right to Life, apparently because the latter has just not been militant enough in it its attempts to strip women of control of their lives and relegate them to reproductive slavery.

Among the fringe figures involved are Ohio Right to Life founder Jack Wilkie who has moved farther to the right, and thrice-married self-admitted porn addict Phil Burress, founder of "Citizens for Community Values," who seems to believe that since he was not able to control his own morals, he ought to be in charge of everyone else's.

If you still think there's nothing to worry about, there's this:
"There is speculation that the new group will be headed by Janet Porter, formerly Janet Folger in the 1990s when she was legislative director of Ohio Right to Life."

Janet Folger Porter is a theocratic dominionist whose views are so extreme her program was axed from a Christian broadcasting network. She has been open in her belief that all facets of American society — government, business, education, the media, he arts, family and religion — need to be seized and placed under the rule of Old Testament Biblical Law in order to prepare for the return of Jesus Christ. They love to say they are "reclaiming" them, as if they rightfully belonged to them. They are extremely dangerous.

Porter is the author of the so-called "Heartbeat Bill," which is NOT about poor little "unborn children," but about forcibly ensuring the subservient position of women in society, as such people believe Old Testament Biblical Law calls for.

You can read a little more about their activities here:

and here:

#OccupyCleveland hoping to move to another location

#Occupy Cleveland has requested to move its base of operations from the Free Stamp at East 9th and Lakeside to the southeast quadrant of Public Square occupied by Soldiers and Sailors Monument (the site of the early protests against the Iraq War in 2003). The Soldiers & Sailors Monument Commission will meet tomorrow morning to discuss whether to allow them to to do.

#OccupyCleveland says, "The demonstrators hope to set up more substantial shelter before the cold and rain make their presence felt. Despite the group’s excellent track record of cleanliness and nonviolence, they are concerned about the long-term health and safety of their members. A more favorable location would go a long way toward ensuring their well-being. Most importantly, it would afford #OccupyCleveland room for the growth necessary to sustain a movement for positive social change."

The Public Square location would also be more central and more conspicuous, with more passersby to attract attention from. It hopes the endorsement of city council will help the cause.

Cleveland city councilpersons support #OccupyCleveland

According to #OccupyCleveland, they were personally invited to Cleveland's weekly city council meeting last night by Ward 14 councilman Brian Cummins. He is the only non-Democrat among the 19 council members — he is a Green.

According to #OccupyCleveland, "Members of the group received a tour of the grounds and sat in on a City Council meeting that turned out to be mainly about them. The group received a rousing round of applause, as well as the endorsements of many key Council members.

It's on here:


You can see council members Jay Westbrook and Mamie Mitchell on the video expressing support for the movement.

"Cities are going into default, states are going into default, and yet when people go to Congress we're not too big to fail, only banks are too big to fail," says Westbrook.

You can also hear Cummins talking about how both major parties are too controlled by Wall Street in a climate where 24 million people can't find a fulltime job, over 50 million people don't have health care, and 47 million people need government assistance to feed themselves," And asking his colleagues to support the OccupyCleveland movement.

The #OccupyCleveland folks shared, "Councilman Cummins made sure to highlight the group’s excellent working relationship with the Cleveland Police Department and its relentless commitment to the consensus process. Councilman Jay Westbrook of Ward 16 expressed his delight to see such a diverse group engaging in their First Amendment rights. Councilwoman Mamie Mitchell of Ward 6 said that she is inspired by the way the movement is engaging in democracy. Councilman Zach Reed of Ward 2 stressed that Cleveland is an important place to see this movement prosper. He was especially impressed with #OccupyCleveland’s steadfast dedication to nonviolence and peaceable assembly."

It gets worse! The GOP presidential field.

If you'd like to have a little fun before you settle down to watch tonight's GOP presidential debate — which I don't plan to do — or if you'd like to voice your opinion afterward (if you don't have a crashing headache and have to lie down), Democracy for America has put up a page entitled "It Gets Worse — The 2012 GOP Presidential Contest: Who Is Worst for America?


It presents nine candidates for your consideration, with a quote and an opportunity to learn more — if you dare — before you vote.

Last time I looked, the inimitable Michele Bachmann was leading, followed by my choice (and it was a tough one), Rick Santorum,

Get on over and check them out. No, it doesn't get better.


#OccupyCincinnati protestors receiving citations in park donated to city by anti-Wall Street family

Oh, the irony. The Daily Bellwether is reporting that #OccupyCincinnati protesters are being given citations for camping out overnight in Piatt Park - a park donated by and named for Cincinnati's Piatt family. From the Bellwether:

While wealthy and prominent themselves, the Piatts of the 1870s and 1880s raged against Wall Streets's influence over Washington politicians. Two Piatt brothers, Donn and Abram, published and edited Belford's Magazine after the Civil War, which reported that Wall Street was screwing soldiers out of their benefits by manipulating elected officials and the U.S. Treasury.

Read the whole story here. It's an astonishing piece.

Desperation from Issue 2 (SB 5) supporters

You can tell that Governor Kasich and his yespersons in the legislature know that their credibility is on the line in the repeal SB 5/No on 2 vote by their increasingly desperate behavior, such as this:


We Are Ohio, the umbrella group working to repeal union-busting SB 5 (No on 2! No on 2!), points out that the "Building a Better Ohio (for Billionaires)" campaign — the front group for Kasich's interests — stole footage from its ads to make it appear like a great-grandmother who supports getting rid of SB 5 really just loves it to death.

You can watch both ads at their site at the link about and get really steamed, if you aren't already.

You can also sign a petition urging TV stations not to run the lying ad:


But lies come easily to this crew. In case you aren't on Kasich's email list (and why would you be if you want your blood pressure to remain normal?), here is the email I received a few minutes ago:


Recently, President Obama and top Democrats have called for tax increases (lie #1) to help pay down the $1.3 trillion deficit that they've racked up from their out-of-control spending.(lie #2)

Raising taxes is not the answer! (lie #3)

In Ohio, we faced an historic $8 billion shortfall (lie #4) but we erased it (lie #5) by being responsible with spending (lie #6) and by reforming programs to work better and provide better value to taxpayers.(lie #7)

And we cut taxes at the same time.(lie #8)

As a result, we're beginning to turn Ohio around.(lie #9) Our credit outlook has improved (lie #10) and job creators are beginning to see Ohio as a place where they can succeed. (lie #11) We've still got a ways to go, however. (true)

#OccupyCleveland Polka hits the streets

FOX News may be calling this an angry mob, but it's hard to be angry with a polka.

Mary Taylor lying about health care

I wanted to highlight the following, because I don’t think it got the attention it deserved. It’s from an Edward Taylor and it first appeared in our Forum Section. It’s in regards to Mary Taylor lying about possible increases in the cost of health care - - Another Republican having to lie to promote their agenda go figure.

From Edward Taylor…

Lt. Governor Mary Taylor's recent op-ed "Obamacare's staggering impact" cited the most inflated numbers since Enron’s cooked books. She said a study by Milliman, Inc. predicted the new Affordable Care Act would cause some premium rate hikes as high as 150%. Maybe Taylor hoped such stratospheric numbers would panic Ohioans into voting for Issue 3. If she considered the possibility that someone might check the numbers, she obviously thought the risks were worth the reward. Taylor’s numbers seemed suspiciously high to me. I did an internet search and found them to be completely bogus.

Taylor must not have known that Milliman, Inc. would make public its 2011 Milliman Medical Index. Nowhere in that eleven page May 2011 report are numbers approaching Taylor op-ed magnitude. In fact, that report said total health care costs had only increased 7.3% between 2010 and 2011 and that "Healthcare reform is an important dynamic but not the primary explanation or source of relief for ongoing health spending trends.” Other health insurance consulting firms forecast quite small increases in health insurance premiums due to the Affordable Care Act.

Thank you Southern Poverty Law Center

Last weekend the Southern Poverty Law Center ran an ad in the Washington Post during the Christian Right’s “Value Voters” summit. The “Values Voters” summit is a shameful event that highlights just how warped human minds can get. It’s put on by the Family Research Council (FRC) and the American Family Association (AFA). For example, these groups believe…

>That Mormonism is a cult

>That the reason there hasn’t been another terrorist attack in the US is because of the singing of God Bless America during the seventh inning of baseball games

>The AFA is on record stating, “gay people orchestrated the Holocaust and were responsible for the killing of six million Jews.”

Despite all these warped beliefs every leading Republican candidate for president showed up to this summit to woo these people’s support. In a compassionate America that actually respected the truth an appearance to a group like this should be the downfall of a campaign.

Fortunately the Southern Poverty Law Center ran their ad to help expose these groups. Their statement can be found here:


And the ad can be viewed here:


Seriously, does anyone think these people will stop at the persecution of gays if they get their way? Doesn’t this thinking always lead to more lies about other groups in society that we’ll need to be “cleansed” of? Why can’t we ever learn from our history?

#OccupyDayton kicks off with over 200 protesters

OccupyDayton video calls out the Dayton Daily News for "reporting" on the #OccupyDayton protests by placing it in the Lifestyles section. (David Esrati also has more on this here)

Here's the first video from the home of the Wright Brothers where over 200 people created the first wave of patriots on the streets Dayton...

#OccupyCleveland overnight crowd growing as well

It's no longer just the daytime crowds growing, but the nighttime crowds too. #Occupy Cleveland now over 60 people at night with hundreds and growing during the daylight hours. Good weather today and tomorrow should only increase this activity. Rain is forecast for the weekend, so while they aren't asking for it, maybe you can drop by this week with some ponchos, plastic bags, and other items to keep protestors dry on those unpleasant evenings. Bring food too.

Occupy Columbus: Target Statehouse


8 a.m. tomorrow (well, actually today since it's after midnight here in Cleveland).

This could get interesting/ugly. We all recall how they didn't take it well when teachers and police officers gathered in Columbus to protest the passage of SB 5. I doubt the corporate stooges who dominate our legislature are going to be too happy. If only we could occupy the Statehouse for real and toss out any lying, hypocritical politician who ran last year on "Democrats aren't creating jobs fast enough but we will" — yet who is now kowtowing o the governor's agenda of rewarding his wealthy donors and cronies and ignoring the rest of us. This current legislature has declared war on workers, war on voters, war on women. There couldn't be a better target to occupy.

Congress to vote on Free Trade agreements this week; could cost US 214,000 jobs

If you check any conservative Facebook page there will be inevitably a comment that states, “Unions at one time had a place in American society, but currently all they do is drive up the price of things and force jobs to go overseas.”

Such a statement is complete BS.

What has forced jobs to go overseas are free trade agreements. Companies can take advantage of the incredibly cheap labor in other countries and juice their profits without any penalties. A lot of these companies really aren’t hurting as far as profitability is concerned, they could continue to make things in the US, they just don’t want to. To increase their profit margins companies are willing to sell out the American worker and subsequently America by shutting down factories here and shipping them to countries where we have free trade agreements. If these free trade agreements didn’t exist and companies had to pay a penalty for outsourcing jobs, we’d probably have more jobs here in the US and a better economy – think about it.

So, are we learning from any of this? It doesn’t appear so. The reason why is, Congress is set to vote this week on three new free trade agreements with Columbia, South Korea and Panama. According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), these agreements could cost the US an additional 214,000 jobs.


The only people who stand to gain from these new free trade agreements are corporate executives with stock options. We probably won’t be selling these countries a lot, but corporate execs. will have three new options for cheap labor and resources without ever having to create any new US jobs or paying any penalties for outsourcing to them. Please call your Congressional representative and ask them to vote “No” on these agreements. American jobs are on the line.

Media acknowledges OccupyWall Street; creates narrative crutch

Well, the mainstream media finally perked up and realized that, since it was spreading across the country, maybe they'd better do something about covering the OccupyWallStreet demonstrations.

You can tell they are not happy about it. I wrote about NPR's wobbly-kneed, pathetic little excuse a week ago:


Their excuse hinted at the excuse the media has now come up with to feature a patronizing and dismissive tone in their coverage: we don't know what these crazy kids want. They don't have a clear message!

It's funny. I've read only a handful of items about the demonstrations. I glanced at a few photos online and I saw OccupyChicago out of the corner of my eye this past week. Yet I am perfectly clear about what they want: they want a country whose laws aren't created to enable a handful of the wealthiest people and a tiny group of financial institutions to suck up and horde all the country's wealth, while everyone else struggles. They want a country in which ideas like surtaxes on super-rich and regulations preventing big banks from making risky moves and passing the downside to everyone else while assuring no downside for themselves aren't automatically rejected, and ideas like cutting food assistance for hungry kids and making 65- and 66-year-olds try to find affordable health-care coverage in the private market are chewed over with deep seriousness.

Do the media really not get this? Actually, I think they do — but it's an inconvenient truth for those who serve as a mouthpiece for the privileged. That's why a Plain Dealer editor's assertion that the paper's mission was to be a "voice for the voiceless" got such a wave of laughter from an audience at a forum last March. It doesn't take many brain cells to figure out that the Plain Dealer's mission is to be a "voice for the Greater Cleveland Partnership."

We Are Ohio Road Trip

Great video from the We Are Ohio Road Trip. It offers four good reasons to vote “No” on Issue 2 - - check it out.

Occupy Toledo Monday morning!

Hey Toledo!

I was in your city briefly last night.

I stood on the corner of Reynolds and Southwyck and sniffed the balmy night air, trying to see if I could catch the scent of your Kasich-stooge mayor who is selling out the hard-working people of his town.

If being "led" by a clown like that isn't motivation enough to Occupy Toledo, I don't know what is. Tomorrow morning, Monday October 10 at 11 a.m., people just like you who are tired of rich bankers taking everything and locking it in a vault will be gathering downtown at Levis Square at the corner of Madison and North St. Clair.


Toledo Mayor Mike Bell is one of the puppets serving as a face of the Building a Better Ohio campaign, a lackey of Governor John "Lehman Brothers" Kasich and the 1 % he represents. Come on down, Toledo, and say "We've had enough of that!"

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