Bill O'Neill launching another Ohio Supreme Court run

Former appeals court judge/pediatric emergency room nurse Bill O'Neill from Geauga County said yesterday that he has pulled petitions for another run for Ohio Supreme Court. It's likely he plans to tackle Republican Robert Cupp, based on this Facebook post he made last week:

"There are two Justices running for re-election to the Ohio Supreme Court next year, and they have raised in excess of $4 million between them. They have consistently sat on the cases of their contributors and the last study conducted demonstrated that "contributors" to Republican Ohio Supreme Court Justices won their cases 91% of the time. Now if that is okay with everyone else, then I will just keep nursing and playing golf. But if it is not, take this quiz: How Does Supreme Court Justice Robert Kupp spell his last name. With a "C" or a "K"?"

O'Neill ran two prior campaigns for Supreme Court, in 2004 and 2006 (He also ran for Congress against Steve LaTourette in 2008 and 2010). In 2006, he adopted the catchy if ungrammatical slogan "No money from nobody," emphasizing his refusal to accept any donations. He purchased an ancient printing press which he put in his garage and, with the help of family members, printed tens of thousands of blue flyers.

Unfortunately, money talks in these races and even more unfortunately it keeps talking from the bench. O'Neill's opponent, Terrence O'Donnell, won despite having garnered a lengthy front-page story in the New York Times about a month before the election emphasizing how O'Donnell found with campaign contributors 91% of the time (what Bill references above). That can't be too encouraging for anyone who wants to bring a case against a company or special interest which has donated lavishly to Supreme Court candidates.

Democrats ready to go to war for sane congressional districts

Following the unanimous decision by the 6-1 Republican Supreme Courts Friday that the Republicans in the legislature could not make a bill immune to repeal by sticking an appropriation into it (something the court already decided several years ago but this legislature chose to ignore), the Ohio Democratic Party held a press conference yesterday to announce their readiness to go ahead with a repeal referendum if the Republicans in the legislature are not willing to come back to the table and negotiate congressional districts that satisfy both parties — and hopefully do right by the voters.

The ODP says it is prepared to hire a profession company to gather signatures, fully aware that mounting an unprecedented three referendum petition drives in a mere eight months is asking a lot of its activists; in fact the party says it will steer volunteers who call in the next few weeks to the SB 5 repeal election instead.

However, such a referendum would create uncertainty and chaos. The ODP is asking the Supreme Court to restart the clock for the time it has to gather signatures since attorney general Mike Dewine so blatantly violated ignored the law himself in throwing out the signatures for petition language. Even if they do not get an extended period, the signature gathering period would go through Boxing Day (December 26). Filing deadline for congressional seats is December 7. Since Ohio is losing two seats, the state cannot simply revert to the current map.

A walk down memory lane

Back to when the Cleveland Plainly Republican published the following hilarious assertions when endorsing Kasich for governor.

"Republican challenger, John Kasich, is a former congressman from suburban Columbus given to Reagan-style optimism and bold, sometimes questionable, ideas. He is just as clearly the wild card, eager to shake up the status quo and even challenge his own party, but also capable of talking himself right off a cliff.

"Alternately arrogant and charming, Kasich can make a not-terribly-unconventional idea such as privatizing parts of the Department of Development ... sound like a call to revolution. But here's what's scary about Kasich: With his Red Bull style, it is sometimes hard to tell what's core belief, what's hot air and whether even he knows the difference. ... Does he understand that being a Fox News provocateur is not the same as being the leader of a diverse, complex state?" [No, he does not]

"Kasich showed, as House Budget chair the last time Washington used black ink, that he could cross partisan lines [!!!!!!!] and get results. He also showed in Congress that although he is personally conservative, he has no time for divisive hot-button tactics [!!!!!!!!!!!!!]; Ohio doesn't, either."

I would love to see this paper explain now how Kasich ramming through controversial and extreme bills like SB 5 and voter suppression bill HB 194, as well as a congressional map that even the paper admitted was a travesty, demonstrates that he has "no time for divisive hot-button tactics."

It seems to be pretty much ALL he has time for.

Not the best day for me to encounter a PD marketer in Dave's

So I stopped in Dave's Supermarket in Ohio City today to pick up a couple of onion rolls for lunch. And what did I encounter in the entrance area but a table with a guy hawking subscriptions to the Plain Dealer aka the Plainly Republican!

I didn't mean to spoil the guy's day but I told him there was no way I was going to ever subscribe again to a newspaper that attacked union workers by endorsing SB 5. He goes, "They did? I support unions."

What the Plainly Republican endorses clearly isn't the fault of a guy who sits inside the entrance at Dave's trying to sell papers to grocery shoppers. But it might help the paper's subscription base if they ever stopped to think about just who they were trying to sell the paper to.

Ohio's daily newspapers are autocrats — they endorse the interests and positions of the wealthy elite in their towns. The PD appears to be written for the residents of Cleveland suburb Hunting Valley — the 5th higher income place in the U.S. But its population is only a touch over 700, not enough to support a daily newspaper. And not many of those people will be found shopping at Dave's in Ohio City.

Perhaps well-intentioned but missing the point on OccupyWallStreet

If you're on Facebook — or even if you're just online — you may have spotted a graphic for a slogan that reads, "If you really want to occupy Wall Street, do your Christmas shopping at a small independent merchant."

That is indeed a wonderful sentiment. However, I've seen it posted in numerous places with the implication that THIS is what the Occupy Wall Street movement should REALLY be doing. And that feels like hijacking — and missing the point.

Occupy Wall Street isn't about shopping — anywhere. It's about the fact that more and more of us are less and less able to participate in the economy, whether it's shopping at WalMart or at a local boutique. It's about the fact that as all the resources get sucked upwards into a few hands, everyone down below has to tighten their belt. And unless the Koch Brothers are regular customers, small businesses are directly impacted by this. It's not useful to suggest to someone who barely has enough to cover necessities to do Christmas shopping at independent merchants. Many of them will be Christmas shopping, if at all, at thrift stores.

This points out once again the impact that increasing economic privation has on the entire community. Almost every small business and independent contractor I know has lost a lot of their business in the last few years — and it's not because their customers are patronizing big-box or chain stores instead of independent businesses. It's because their customers are hurting. This is why the lies spreading by the supporters of SB 5 — that public sector workers are rolling in riches compared to private sector workers and need to "share" the economic pain — are so deceitful. Cut the wages and benefits of teachers and police officers and watch local independent businesses shrivel up and die.

The Cleveland Plainly Republican obeys its corporate masters

Responding to its master's voice (aka the Greater Cleveland Partnership aka the Chamber of Commerce), Cleveland's increasingly execrable daily paper The Plainly Republican (the Plain Dealer on its masthead) has issued an endorsement on Issue 2, urging a "yes" vote.

Knowing the paper's penchant for writing editorials packed with incorrect information (it recently wrote a totally erroneous and laughable editorial on Cleveland's entertainment ordinance that completely contradicted its own editorial of a couple of months ago — and nothing about the ordinance has changed), I'm sure the editorial is packed with bullshit and lies but frankly, I would rather enjoy my evening by not reading it. Just the headline was puke-worthy enough, saying that although the bill needs "adjustments," we can't keep the "status quo."

This paper should know as well as anyone that if this bill is retained, not only will there be no "adjustments" to make it fairer to workers, but Kasich will feel empowered by victory to move on to crushing other workers with things like a "right to work for less" act. Count on it. And the paper is fond of citing some vague "status quo" and blaming it for completely unconnected woes. Witness its duplicitous support for changing Cuyahoga County's government, which I eviscerated here back in early 2010.

The paper has given Democrats, progressives, labor and independents (and lovers of fair, honest coverage) in Northeast Ohio yet another reason for canceling the shrinking number of subscriptions it has. I hope there will be another wave of cancelations. This endorsement is an insult to Cleveland's working people and the labor the town was built on.

"Idiot" cop takes a stand on SB 5

The officer referred to by Governor John Kasich in a speech earlier this year as an "idiot" and "disrespectful" has made a public statement about the traffic stop that led to Kasich's remark — and called the governor's precious SB 5 "disrespectful."

Officer Rob Barrett said the stop (for not yielding to an emergency vehicle) was routine — Kasich admitted fault, apologized and paid his fine that same week. Who knew he was seething underneath? Who knew that three years later he would publicly express his feelings that he was too important to be stopped by a mere "idiot" cop?

Barrett said, “I pay a percentage for my healthcare, I don’t pay the same percentage as a public citizen, but then again I’m not working for profit, I’m a law enforcement officer, you can’t compare public sector employees to private sector… if a police officer starts working for profit we call that corruption."

Alas, Barrett was yet another of those police officers who voted for Kasich last year, despite all the warning signs — and within weeks of the inauguration, got called an "idiot" as thanks.

“Had I known this is what was going to happen I wouldn’t have voted for him, it’s actually a slap in the face," said Barrett.

Yes, actually.

Ohio Supreme Court issues unanimous decision in districting repeal case

The Ohio State Supreme Court decided unanimously 7-0 for the Ohio Democratic Party in allowing it to proceed with its repeal referendum of HB 31, the apportionment bill.

The Republicans in the legislature had stuck an appropriation into the bill because appropriations are not subject to repeal. The court found Attorney General Mike Dewine and Secretary of State Jon Husted were wrong to have rejected the initial petitions for approval of ballot language on the grounds that the bill contained an appropriation —something the Ohio Supreme Court had already rejected unanimously in a case several years ago. Obviously, Husted, Dewine et all hoped that the justices would flip-flop based on partisan interests but they didn't.

In the ODP's release, State Rep. Kathleen Clyde says, "“Statehouse Republicans now have a choice: They can come back to the drawing board and produce fair maps with bipartisan support, or they can create widespread uncertainty in our next election. We are prepared to take whatever steps are necessary to make sure that the people’s voice is heard.”

Maybe. The ODP now plans to ask the court to restart the 90-day window to gather signatures after a bill is passed into law. Frankly,even if they're successful, it's a high bar to begin with, and following two massive petition drives that have taken lots of time and energy and coinciding with the election to repeal HB 5 (No on Issue 2! No and 1 and 3 while you're it! No on everything!) and the holidays, I don't see much likelihood that it can be done.

OccupyToledo to march tomorrow

News from OccupyToledo:

They're gathering in Levis Square at 11:30 for a potluck lunch (hopefully as good as the vegan chili I just had at the OccupyCleveland general assembly this evening), followed by an open-to-all general assembly at 1. Then at 2:30. they will march over the MLK Bridge to International Park.

Somewhere Toledo Mayor Mike Bell will be whimpering at his master's (John Kasich) knee.

Absolutely final chance to sign to repeal voter suppression

As we've told you, the HB 194 repeal campaign turned on 318,000 signatures to repeal this awful piece of voter suppression legislation by the September 29 deadline. Since that was well beyond the 231,000-plus valid signatures, it put a hold on the legislation taking effect for this November (why you can early vote now!) while the validity of the signatures was checked.

It also allowed the campaign to continue to gather additional signatures for several weeks to replace any that might be invalidated. We have been doing that. I turned in 50 more on Tuesday. While 318,000 is a fairly comfortable number, it's not quite out of the woods as far as GOP efforts to invalidate enough signatures to keep it off next year's ballot — and to put it into effect for next year's presidential election when GOP success may hinge on who they can prevent from voting.

I have been told that we are well out of the woods now, and that we have a comfortable margin of signatures in the required 44 counties. But every signature counts — and if you haven't had a chance to sign, please do so before Sunday. Call your local Democratic county party or go online to to find out if there is an Organizing for America person near you who is collecting signatures.

If you are in Cleveland, you can stop by the OFA office at 13100 Shaker Square starting at 10 a.m. Sunday.

If you are in Wood County, you can sign a Democratic Party HQ, 455 S. Main (corner of Palmer) in Bowling Green from 3-9 p.m. tomorrow and 12-3 Sunday.

Toledo signing opportunity: From noon to 3 tomorrow at the Heatherdowns branch library on Glanzman Rd between Detroit and Byrne Rd.

And thanks to everyone who already signed. Each and every one of you played a crucial role in protecting democracy.

Hypocritical righties push federal takeover of health care

Ohio Right to Life has voiced its support by a bill introduced by Michele Bachmann (so you know it's pointless and bad) that would require doctors all across the country, in conservative states and liberal ones, to follow a specific process in one specific medial procedure. I am sure you can guess what it is:

"It would require abortion providers to make the heartbeat of an unborn child visible and audible to a mother as part of informed consent to have an abortion."

This is hypocritical on a couple of levels — and inappropriate on every level. The people who support this are the same people who think the federal government has too much power and everything should be returned to a local level. Yet they want to impose a religiously driven value judgment on the whole country. And these are the same people decrying the "government takeover" of health care they falsely believe (or say they believe) is in the Affordable Health Care Act, yet they now want the federal government to dictate to abortion providers and the women they serve what they MUST do, regardless of circumstances.

Another day, another outpouring of hatred for women. And still no jobs created so women can support their children.

State Sen. Nina Turner thinking about helping Democrats lose next year

These rumors have been swirling for most of the year and the Cleveland Plain Dealer seems to have been encouraging them. Apparently, state Senator Nina Turner of Cleveland is not as smart and savvy as I thought, and she's eyeing the bait:

In a year in which Democrats will have to scramble for every vote in the face of Republican hostility to voters' rights and tsunamis of secret billionaire money we won't be able to match (to say nothing of the GOP willingness to tell any shameless lie, which we've seen demonstrated in the last few days), nothing could be more pointless than a Democrat entering a congressional race in the state's most Democratic district to try to primary a strong, hard-working progressive who has served her district well, Marcia Fudge. I have to say it's so borderline crazy that I'm having flittering thoughts again of Turner being a secret Republican operative — just like I did when she came out in support of the corporately backed and Republican driven Issue 6 to change Cuyahoga County's government.

Look: I like Nina Turner. I think she has a great political future (unless she really is secretly working for the corporate community and/or the Republican Party). But she simply cannot make a case that Marcia Fudge deserves to be replaced so much that this primary race ought to suck up money, energy, and resources from other more critical races like Sherrod Brown's and cause division and dissension going into a presidential campaign when we need every hand on deck and united Democrats. With blood all over the state's most Democratic district, a contested primary here is setting us up to lose statewide in November.

Republicans – Building Better Liars

I was reading Plunderbund’s reporting on Grannygate and I just could not believe a couple of John Kasich's quotes. These quotes originally came from the Columbus Dispatch (R-Columbus).

John Kasich states about Issue 2:

“We want people to pay their fair share and we want our cities to survive. Mayor (Mike) Bell, the mayor of Toledo, has argued that if he can’t control his costs he’ll have to lay off safety forces, which we don’t want to do.”

First, John: If you didn’t want to layoff safety forces, you should have provided money through the state budget like you were supposed to do to help these municipalities out. Passing the buck and keeping all the money in Columbus created these problems. Mayor Bell should be faulting you and not hard working public employees.

Second: there is no reason through collective bargaining that Mayor Bell can’t balance his budget. Safety forces can pay their fair share and create agreements where they’re not trampled on. Any worker or corporate cube slave understands how management can run amuck and create completely unfair policies without any conscious.

Kasich continued:

“The problem with the campaign – they’ve been emotional and we’ve been factual. And in campaigns, emotion usually wins. That’s kind of where we are.”

Well, we certainly know Kasich and his cronies haven’t been the least bit factual. But in regards to emotional, remember the following?... Sure, John, you’re one cool cucumber.

#OccupyCleveland denied access to Soldiers and Sailors quadrant of Public Square

While the overnight numbers are still impressive (over 50 last night), the struggle is no easier as the board of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument denies the request of #OccupyCleveland to use the adjacent public space.

The GOP's furious hatred of women grows and grows

The vilest member of Congress, Majority Leader Eric Cantor — a sniffy, condescending puke with a brick where his heart should be — has apparently said that the GOP will not even let the jobs bill come to a vote on the floor of the House because, you know, they didn't REALLY promise to create jobs last year when that was virtually all they campaigned on. I guess their fingers were crossed.

But you know what they do have time to vote on? This:

That's right. It's not enough for these huge-government/let-government-dictate-your-every-health-care-move-if-you-are-a-woman types that NO tax money is being used to fund abortions. They want to punish any hospital that may get federal money for something entirely unrelated if they perform an abortion to SAVE A MOTHER'S LIFE. Seriously — you have an ectopic pregnancy? Too bad. We're back to the savage laws of pre-modern nature. You die, just as if no medical treatment existed. It does, but these people want to pretend we are a primitive, undeveloped country.

What's more hilarious is that they dubbed this bill — H.R. 358 — the "Protect Life Act." They should call it the "Punish the Slut Act," because really, isn't that what this is about? Whose "life" is protected by denying a woman with an ectopic pregnancy an abortion? That doesn't matter to people like Cantor who feel they should be the ones to make the most intimate decisions for women.

If these people were truly concerned about "life," they would have passed the jobs bill, creating nearly two million jobs — many for parents desperately trying to feed their kids. But they aren't. Fetuses are useful tools to them, something they can use to keep women down. Actual living, breathing children they don't care about so much.

Clarification of earlier post re Husted/Dewine rejection of reerendum

I was in error. The information I was forwarded was confused — they had posted that secretary of state Husted and attorney general Dewine rejected HB 194 (voter suppression) petitions. In fact, they rejected the initial ballot-language petitions for HB 319 (the redistricting legislation). (Why the advice to separate this issues was good, guys).

That in itself is a real Catch 22 story. The Ohio Democratic Party has filed a complaint with the Ohio Supreme Court, charging that the Republicans in the legislature illegally added an appropriation to the redistricting bill in order to make it immune to repeal, since appropriations can't be repealed. However, in a previous case (, the dust-up about racetrack slots), an all-Republican Supreme Court decided unanimously that that isn't kosher. It will be interesting to see what they decide this time.

So why did Husted and Dewine reject the petitions to collect signatures to repeal the redistricting bill? You guessed it – because the bill contains an appropriation, something which the Supreme Court already found to be illegal. Round and round we go on the GOP dirty-tricksmobile.

Speaking of shameless GOP arrogance

look what our blogmaster Anthony found and posted on his campaign website:

That's right. The anti-SB 5/yes of Issue 2 forces are sending out a mailer BOASTING about the fact that they cobbled together a deceptive ad based on stolen footage, an ad so unethical and borderline illegal that dozens of TV stations have pulled it.

They are "grateful for the attention and debate this ad is generating"? The debate is only over exactly how ethically bankrupt Republicans are and how much they have to lie and deceive to achieve victory. THAT'S the debate they want? Ok.

Then they play the usual right-wing victim card, learned at Sarah Palin's knee:

"Our opponents have hired high-priced DC lawyers [nothing like a little lawyer-bashing for good measure. I guess GOP lawyers work for peanuts] to bully TV stations into pulling our ad off the air — because we dared to use their own comments against them."

No, they didn't. They "dared" to distort comments made by a woman opposing Issue 2; they didn't refute her comments which would have been honest but which would have made them look like they were beating up on a nice old lady.

No TV stations were being "bullied" into pulling this ad. They pulled it because they recognized how deceptive and dishonest it was.

This is the opposition, folks: the REAL bullies — lying, deceiving, shameless and when challenged, falling into their typical whiny "Oh poor little victims us" pose. They have the sheer gall to say "Help us fight the lies."

I have a suggestion for the pro-SB 5 folks: if they want to "help fight the lies," they can stop telling them.

Husted, Dewine block filing of HB 194 petitions

I don't know quite what this is about yet, but this was posted on the Ohio Democratic Party website:

They're not sharing yet what's behind this or what it means, But it certainly demonstrates how much importance Ohio Republicans attach to being able to suppress the vote going into next year's elections. If put into effect, HB 194 will make it virtually impossible for Democrats to win elections in Ohio, increasing the cost, resources and degree of difficulty astronomically as it erects roadblocks in the path of almost anyone who isn't a well-off white suburban Republican.

It's not surprising to me that Ohio Republicans would do everything in their power to make sure that the undemocratic HB 194 stands. It will bring shame and embarrassment to Ohio but more victories to Republicans. And isn't that all that matters to them?

Did the Cincinnati Enquirer have a brain fart?

Look at this headline from today:

The first time I saw this, I assumed someone had Photoshopped it, but I've been assured this is real. Sherrod Brown also sent it out with the email I referenced in a previous post.

"GOP Kills Jobs Package."

Across the top of the front package. There must be another Cincinnati Enquirer in Bizarro World.

Sherrod Brown has a letter for you to sign


Tell John Boehner and Mitch McConnell that just because THEY have jobs doesn't mean other people aren't looking for work. And you can remind them that THEIR job is to look out for the rest of us, something they aren't doing by refusing to pass a bill creating jobs.

Sen. Brown says,

"Dear Speaker Boehner and Leader McConnell,

President Obama’s jobs plan would put millions of Americans back to work–unless you hold those jobs hostage.

Ending Medicare as we know it and privatizing Social Security would hurt America. And so did the effort by members of your caucuses to demand those things in ORDER TO PREVENT THE U.S. FROM DEFAULTING ON ITS OBLIGATIONS

We need jobs, not more hostage-taking. And we won’t stand for another effort to block progress unless you get your way on Medicare and Social Security.

If you don’t agree with the President, propose a plan that will actually create real jobs. But we won’t let you hold these jobs hostage.

Sherrod Brown "

If you doubted that many politicians really hate women,

this should put those doubts to rest.

That cesspool that calls itself Topeka, Kansas has voted to repeal its domestic violence law – basically legalizing domestic violence – because it's too expensive to enforce. The county had already said it would stop enforcing the laws for economic reasons, and the two groups just decided to play games with the safety of (mostly) women in violent relationships.

A bunch of DV suspects have already been released since no one's going to prosecute them. I wonder who will take responsibility when the first woman is killed? Well, it could be a man who gets killed if a woman who has been systematically abused decides to take matters into her own hands since the courts won't.

You think I'm being too hard on Topeka by calling it a "cesspool"? It's also the home base of Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps, whose Westboro Baptist "Church" regularly pickets the funerals of anyone it decides was insufficiently hateful to LGBT people.

We Are Ohio reports nearly a dozen TV stations have pulled pro SB 5 ad

You know, the one where the so-called "Building a Better Ohio" campaign blatantly steals from an anti SB 5 NO on 2 ad, appropriating the image of one of their supporters.

This needs to be a groundswell. First, go to the We Are Ohio page and sign their petition:

Next, if you are sitting in your comfy chair watching TV and you see an ad featuring a nice elderly woman in a pink plaid shirt — Marlene Quinn — talking about firefighters saving her great-granddaughter and then a smarmy woman's voice comes in and says, "She's right. By voting no on Issue 2, our safety will be threatened," put down your drink, get out of your chair, go to your computer and look up the email/phone number for the station you're watching and contact them to tell them to get this plagiarizing theft of a lying ad off the air.

See both ads here:

Quinn wasn't happy, and neither was Paul Weber, one of the CIncinnati firefighters who responded to this fire. See his video here:

Seriously, in what world is this an ethical, honest or moral thing to do? And yet we always hear from people on the right how very special they are, and they have managed to convince so many that they are such keepers of values and morals that they vote for them in spite of their demonstrated contempt for most people. It really is time to gin up OUR anger to a high level and denounce them with everything we've got. These people CANNOT succeed. Ads like this make it clear how tainted and unworthy their cause is.

Deranged extremists want to grab the anti-choice movement from mere extremists

The Columbus Dispatch reports that a new anti-choice group is on the drawing boards to steal some thunder from the venerable Ohio Right to Life, apparently because the latter has just not been militant enough in it its attempts to strip women of control of their lives and relegate them to reproductive slavery.

Among the fringe figures involved are Ohio Right to Life founder Jack Wilkie who has moved farther to the right, and thrice-married self-admitted porn addict Phil Burress, founder of "Citizens for Community Values," who seems to believe that since he was not able to control his own morals, he ought to be in charge of everyone else's.

If you still think there's nothing to worry about, there's this:
"There is speculation that the new group will be headed by Janet Porter, formerly Janet Folger in the 1990s when she was legislative director of Ohio Right to Life."

Janet Folger Porter is a theocratic dominionist whose views are so extreme her program was axed from a Christian broadcasting network. She has been open in her belief that all facets of American society — government, business, education, the media, he arts, family and religion — need to be seized and placed under the rule of Old Testament Biblical Law in order to prepare for the return of Jesus Christ. They love to say they are "reclaiming" them, as if they rightfully belonged to them. They are extremely dangerous.

Porter is the author of the so-called "Heartbeat Bill," which is NOT about poor little "unborn children," but about forcibly ensuring the subservient position of women in society, as such people believe Old Testament Biblical Law calls for.

You can read a little more about their activities here:

and here:

#OccupyCleveland hoping to move to another location

#Occupy Cleveland has requested to move its base of operations from the Free Stamp at East 9th and Lakeside to the southeast quadrant of Public Square occupied by Soldiers and Sailors Monument (the site of the early protests against the Iraq War in 2003). The Soldiers & Sailors Monument Commission will meet tomorrow morning to discuss whether to allow them to to do.

#OccupyCleveland says, "The demonstrators hope to set up more substantial shelter before the cold and rain make their presence felt. Despite the group’s excellent track record of cleanliness and nonviolence, they are concerned about the long-term health and safety of their members. A more favorable location would go a long way toward ensuring their well-being. Most importantly, it would afford #OccupyCleveland room for the growth necessary to sustain a movement for positive social change."

The Public Square location would also be more central and more conspicuous, with more passersby to attract attention from. It hopes the endorsement of city council will help the cause.

Cleveland city councilpersons support #OccupyCleveland

According to #OccupyCleveland, they were personally invited to Cleveland's weekly city council meeting last night by Ward 14 councilman Brian Cummins. He is the only non-Democrat among the 19 council members — he is a Green.

According to #OccupyCleveland, "Members of the group received a tour of the grounds and sat in on a City Council meeting that turned out to be mainly about them. The group received a rousing round of applause, as well as the endorsements of many key Council members.

It's on here:

You can see council members Jay Westbrook and Mamie Mitchell on the video expressing support for the movement.

"Cities are going into default, states are going into default, and yet when people go to Congress we're not too big to fail, only banks are too big to fail," says Westbrook.

You can also hear Cummins talking about how both major parties are too controlled by Wall Street in a climate where 24 million people can't find a fulltime job, over 50 million people don't have health care, and 47 million people need government assistance to feed themselves," And asking his colleagues to support the OccupyCleveland movement.

The #OccupyCleveland folks shared, "Councilman Cummins made sure to highlight the group’s excellent working relationship with the Cleveland Police Department and its relentless commitment to the consensus process. Councilman Jay Westbrook of Ward 16 expressed his delight to see such a diverse group engaging in their First Amendment rights. Councilwoman Mamie Mitchell of Ward 6 said that she is inspired by the way the movement is engaging in democracy. Councilman Zach Reed of Ward 2 stressed that Cleveland is an important place to see this movement prosper. He was especially impressed with #OccupyCleveland’s steadfast dedication to nonviolence and peaceable assembly."

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