Does Josh "The Empty Suit" Mandel stand for ANYTHING?

OK, OK, that question is just TOO easy.

But seriously:

(Thanks to our friend Jill Miller ZImon for the link to the Cleveland Jewish News).

Do you remember Rich Iott, the Tea Party Republican who ran for Congress in Oh-09 against Marcy Kaptur last year? He really wasn't helped when it came out that he was a longtime, devoted Nazi reenactor.

Even Eric Can'tor, one of the worst Republicans in Congress, repudiated him. But Josh Mandel's campaign recently accepted a $1,000 donation from him. Because Mandel has shown time and time again he has no scruples, no principles. And I haven't seen the Republican Party, always ready to demand that Democrats return money from perfectly reputable sources that Republicans have decided to smear, demanding that Mandel give the money back and distance himself from Iott.

"[Iott] said war reenactments were a hobby he shared with his son, and he was only interested in the history and did not agree with Nazi ideology. He did not apologize for his actions and instead blamed Kaptur for the revelations."

Oh, of course. Whiny baby Republicans always blame their issues on somebody else.

Meanwhile, "Mandel was unavailable for comment."

As usual.

People, pay attention. Do you want someone with no ethical boundaries — who as a not-even-announced candidate already feels he's above answering to potential constituents — pretending to represent you?

Think about it.

Gov. on Hannity tonight, live from Ohio!

Want to see our beloved governor talking with Sean Hannity?

C'mon, dial down that loud chorus of "noooooooooo"s, OK?

Hannity will be interviewing the gov. live from Ohio at 9 p.m., and the gov. is so excited, he sent out an email:

"Here's what I'll be chatting with Sean about:

Since taking office in January, my administration has been focused on fixing years of mismanagement [lie #1] and laying the groundwork for job creation [lie #2] in our great state.

We balanced [lie #3] a nearly $8 billion budget deficit [lie #4] while preserving a vital income tax cut [lie #5], we eliminated the Death Tax, and we are removing job-killing [lie #6] red tape and regulations.

Part of our reform package [lie #7] is on the ballot in just 13 days as State Issue 2. It is critical that you vote YES [lie #8] in this election and give our local governments the ability to control their costs [lie #9].

Without Issue 2, we will see more tax levies on the ballot in our communities [lie #10], reduced services [lie #11], and fewer public safety officials like police and fire [lie #12].

These are the facts [lie #13] folks. Please vote YES on Issue 2 to keep up the momentum and move Ohio forward [lie #14]."

AFT president Randi Weingarten to rally the Cleveland No on 2 troops Saturday

American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten was set up as the villain in the charter-school propaganda movie "Waiting for Superman," which Governor Kasich hosted at several screenings. That's all you need to know to realize what a hero she is for teachers and their charges.

Weingarten will be in Cleveland this Saturday to host an event at Building Laborers Union Local 310 at 3250 Euclid Avenue from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. She'll be there to speak to canvass volunteers prior to sending them out into the community to talk to people about why it's so important to repeal SB 5 by voting NO on Issue 2. She'll be joined by Ohio AFL-CIO president Tim Burga and other guests who will share why this union-busting bill is so bad for Ohio.

Two of Ohio's best progressives introduce jobs bill in Congress

Well, we all know that the Republicans in Congress, who got elected by saying that creating jobs would be no. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 7, 8, 9 and 10 — and possibly as far as no. 100 — on their priority list, summarily dismissed President Obama's American Jobs Act.

A handful of Republicans — including, disgracefully, Ohio Senator Rob Portman — came up with their risible "Real American Jobs Act," which was nothing but a compendium of right-wing ideological policies that have definitively failed to create jobs for decades — tax cuts, deregulation, more "free" trade.

Luckily, Ohio has ONE Senator who really is focused on creating jobs: Sherrod Brown. He has introduced S 1550, the National Infrastructure Bank Act of 2011. The bill creates a government-owned entity that issues loans to both public and private groups for infrastructure-related projects. It's part of the Democrats' strategy to introduce the American Jobs Act piece by piece and let the Republicans openly vote AGAINST jobs in a variety of sectors. Now they have the opportunity to vote against both construction workers AND the repair of the country's rapidly fraying infrastructure. Isn't that special?

Ohio Congresswoman Marcia Fudge has introduced a companion bill to S 1550 in the House, to give her colleagues like Paul Ryan, Allen West, John Boehner, and the vile Eric Can'tor a chance to show America just how unconcerned they are with putting Americans back to work — to prove they are the Party of No, the Republican'ts.

Congresswoman Fudge says in her press release today, "Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, we all have infrastructure that is crumbling, and we have people in our districts who are eager to get back to work. This legislation allows us to target the large number of deficient bridges in our communities and other dangerous infrastructure for repair, making travel safer for our residents. It will provide a path for Ohioans to get back to work."

If anyone wonders why Occupy Wall Street is happening ...

read this:

This Reuters story is called "First Look at U.S. Pay Data, It's Awful."

That's putting it mildly. It features one of the most eye-opening and haunting figures I saw last week, released by the U.S. government's Social Security Administration. It found that the median income of the American worker is $26,340. That means 50% of Americans make less than that. Subtract some taxes and you're probably down to around $23,000. That's just scraping by — if you're one person. If you are a single parent — with no one else working to boost family income — you're in poverty.

There's plenty of other bad news there too, about long-term unemployment and the drop in the number of people working.

Author David Cay Johnson goes on to say, "What these figures tell us is that there was a reason voters responded in the fall of 2010 to the Republican promise that if given control of Congress they would focus on one thing: jobs. But while Republicans were swept into the majority in the House of Representatives, that promise has been ignored."

He points out that the Republican proposals of even more corporate tax cuts won't create jobs; only more demand for services & products will — which means putting people back to work.

And he asks,

"Will official Washington look at the numbers and change course? Or do voters need to change their elected representatives if they want to put America back on a path to widespread prosperity? "

What do you think?

An interesting e-mail

Editor's note: we don’t normally post e-mail forwards, but this one was rather interesting - - it just might get someone thinking

"Folks: Lets keep a copy in our pockets for quick reference when speaking with, and sending out emails ... 'friends' on the other side. Now, since Obama's regime, all of a sudden, folks have gotten mad, and want to take AmericaBack...BACK TO WHAT/WHERE is my question?????

After The 8 Years Of The Bush/Cheney Disaster, Now You Get Mad?

You didn't get mad when the Supreme Court stopped a legal recount and appointed a President.

You didn't get mad when Cheney allowed Energy company officials to dictate Energy policy and push us to invadeIraq.

You didn't get mad when a covert CIA operative got outed.

You didn't get mad when the Patriot Act got passed.

You didn't get mad when we illegally invaded a country that posed no threat to us.

You didn't get mad when we spent over 800 billion (and counting) on said illegal war.

You didn't get mad when Bush borrowed more money from foreign sources than the previous 42 Presidents combined.

You didn't get mad when over 10 billion dollars in cash just disappeared inIraq.

You didn't get mad when you found out we were torturing people.

You didn't get mad when Bush embraced trade and outsourcing policies that shipped 6 million American jobs out of the country.

You didn't get mad when the government was illegally wiretapping Americans.

You didn't get mad when we didn't catch Bin Laden.

You didn't get mad when Bush rang up 10 trillion dollars in combined budget and current account deficits.

You didn't get mad when you saw the horrible conditions at Walter Reed.

You didn't get mad when we let a major UScity, New Orleans, drown.

You didn't get mad when we gave people who had more money than they could spend, the filthy rich, over a trillion dollars in tax breaks.

I voted today!

NO, no and NO!

(And yes, Jeff Coryell (founder of this blog), I cast my vote for you for Cleveland Heights City Council.)

I got one horrific shock. After reading what was allegedly the ballot language I would see, I discovered that Issue 3 has entirely different ballot language. While it does indeed provide a list of some of the specifics (kind of vague specifics, actually) of what this Issue does, it is headed up by a misleading right-wing talking point masquerading as a description of the issue, which it is not at all. It even places dog-whistle Tea Party language on the ballot — that it "preserves" "freedom" to "choose your own health care." Frankly, that's so distorted, it's virtually a lie. Secretary of State Jon Husted and Attorney General Mike Dewine should be ashamed for approving this inaccurate and deceptive ballot language. Of course they aren't, because they are being good little partisan soldiers.

Because of this language — which is going to sound good to everyone — this issue will pass overwhelmingly. Count on it. It doesn't really matter. Its intention is to repeal the federal Affordable Health Care Act in Ohio — and it just can't legally be done. No state initiative can overturn a federal law.

We've also heard this will be a public relations coup for the anti-"Obamacare" folks, showing enormous public opposition to a bill that helps millions of people get health-care coverage they previously wouldn't have had access to. But that's simply untrue because most people voting "yes" on this will have no idea that's what they're voting to do — because IT DOESN'T SAY.

The summary is nothing but vague, nice-sounding words that say nothing. What does "freedom to choose your own health care" mean when insurance companies are charging you half your income for limited coverage?

HB 194 repeal looks like it's booked a place on the 2012 ballot

Last week, it was reported that the Ohio GOP had filed public-records requests of numerous boards of election across the state, apparently hoping to find irregularities to disqualify HB 194 (voter suppression) repeal petitions after 318,000 signatures were turned in to try to meet the requirement of just over 231,000 valid signatures.

Now that number probably would have done it, but it was a little close for comfort. And clearly, the Republicans were looking into anything they could to squeeze some signatures and petitions out of contention. But the repeal proponents had another two and a half weeks to gather signatures, and it appears they've hit this one well out of the iffy range — and probably out of range of any GOP challenge.

Friday the Ohio Democratic Party announced that another 150,000 signatures were collected in that additional time period.

With almost 480,000 signatures — more than double the number needed — you'd need exceptionally sloppy petition circulators to get enough invalid signatures to block the repeal from the ballot. So it looks like we'll be voting on this come November 2012.

Of course, things wouldn't be complete without a Republican whining like a baby. Cincinnati area state rep. Louis Blessing obliged by throwing threw a little hissy fit, saying, “If you continue to referendum everything, eventually a court is going to step in.”

Boo hoo. If YOU guys continue to ram through legislation that is clearly not in the interest of Ohio citizens, then those citizens will continue to referendum everything.

Barack Obama leading from behind?

So apparently the Republican/Tea Party/Christian Right amalgamation's newest criticism of Barack Obama is to say he led from behind with Libya.


Is this the same amalgamation that just a few months ago threaten to impeach Obama for leading us into Libya? Can they get anything straight?

Republicans and all of their right-wing friends aren’t the solution; they’re the problem.

And Democrats – take them to task for their hypocrisy.

#OccupyCleveland Arrest Footage

Midwest Powershift arrives just before the CPD. Quite a scene on a Friday night in downtown Cleveland

BREAKING LIVE : #OccupyCleveland Arrests Happening NOW

Live stream from Downtown Cleveland where police in riot gear have begun arresting protestors.

More at or at

Kasich's actions complicit in Zanesville animal deaths

In an extraordinary case of pretending his own actions just kinda sorta came out of the sky and had nothing to do with him, Gov. Kasich is pretending he didn't rescind the executive order on the private ownership of exotic wild animals that Gov. Strickland issued in January shortly before leaving office.

And then he makes all kinds of excuses for them.

But when even his lapdog the Columbus Dispatch runs a headline reading "Order that Kasich rejected would have barred man from having exotic animals," he can't escape the facts. He deliberately took the regulations off the table saying they would "hurt small business." He can claim Strickland's order "exceeded executive authority" or that legislation was required — but exceeding executive authority or even violating the state constitution hasn't proved problematic for Kasich when he supports something — like directing tax dollars to his cronies.

And when your foot-dragging — he empowered the creation of a work group to craft legislation on the ownership of exotic animals — and poor decisions led to tragedy, you should own up and say you made a mistake.

Instead, according to the Dispatch, Kasich said, “This has to be fixed." (You're in charge. So fix it — nine months ago.)

Then he said, “This is unbelievable that this even existed, and what's hard for me to understand is why Ohio over time didn't deal with this, but we'll deal with it now.”

This is a jaw-dropping statement. It WAS dealt with. Kasich UNdealt with it. What's unbelievable is that, even if Kasich believed Strickland's regulation exceeded its authority — and as we've seen, this is something he's usually unconcerned with — is that he caused the situation to RE-exist after it was dealt with.

We are the 99%

I recently came across the web site We Are The 99%. Visit:

It’s definitely an eye opener. It offers a plethora of photos in which people are holding up lettered testimonials identifying themselves as part of the 99%. Many of the people holding testimonials seem to be 25 or younger. They write about bleak job prospects, bleak futures and large amounts of student debt. One of the most disturbing pictures is one of a young child about 3 or 4 who holds a sign that simply reads:

”I have no health insurance. I am part of the 99%”

Think about that.

Another one reads:

”After His Honorable Discharge From The
US Army The Only Job My Cousin Donald D.
Could Find Was At Home Depot.
He Could Not Afford Health Insurance.
He Got Sick On A Friday. My Uncle Took
Him To A Hospital Emergency Room. He
Was Not Admitted.
He Returned To The ER Saturday And
Sunday. He Was Not Admitted Either Time.
On Monday He Died Of Viral Meningitis.
He Was 25 Years Old.
Home Depot Made $856 Million
In Profits That Year.

Donald Was The 99%.”

What kind of society are we becoming? A nation with no compassion? If you fall on tough times, we’ll kick you when you’re down. If you get sick with no health insurance – die quickly. (Tea Party/Christian Right – please remember to applaud). We’ve become a nation where your life is so priceless until you’re born, and then you’re a burden.

Human. What sets us apart from wild animals? Apparently it’s not that much anymore.

Occupy Cleveland to hold major rally tomorrow

Occupy Cleveland is going to be holding a major rally tomorrow. (Fri., Oct. 21)

It’s starting at 1:00pm and it will be in Public Square.

There will be speakers from 1:00pm to 3:00pm and then a march starting at 3:00.

Please attend if you can - - more information can be found here:

Rep. Debbie Phillips (D-Athens) proposes ban on ownership of exotic animals

She says in the above release, "Although an owner’s intentions to keep exotic animals may be good, unfortunately, most private citizens do not have the proper training or resources to take care of wild animals. Their properties often are not equipped to safely contain wild animals, which poses a danger to themselves as well as other community members."

According to her press release, "The bill, which includes an emergency clause, closely mirrors the expired executive order issued by former Governor Strickland in January of this year. The bill permits existing owners with federal licenses to keep their animals but requires that they must register them with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife. Owners must also embed microchips in the animals so they can be tracked if there is an escape from the owner’s property."

This needs to be done. Contact the governor immediately. I wonder if a tiger got lose in Westerville and his daughters were outside playing, how concerned he would be about the impact of these regulations on "business."

Will Kasich let stubbornness get in the way of animal — and human — welfare?

Unfortunately, probably. But you never know.

By now, almost everyone has heard about release of over 50 wild animals from a privately owned sanctuary in Ohio. Once again, Ohio has gotten a black eye around the world as local police had no option but to kill most of the free-roaming beasts. Some dreamy idealists think these animals could and should have been miraculously saved. But tranquilizing, capturing, transporting and housing so many animals at a moment's notice just isn't possible. I'm as disturbed as anyone at the photos of the dead tigers, tigers being my favorite animal. But I have no aspirations to own one. As close as I want to get is the nine-pound golden tabby sleeping on my sofa.

One of the goals of the Humane Society of the U.S. for Ohio was a ban on the private ownership of such animals. And late last year, Gov. Ted Strickland agreed to ban their ownership going forward, along with tighter restrictions. In April, Kasich let them expire saying, incredibly, it would "hurt business" to regulate ownership of lions, tigers, bears and other exotic animals. I wonder how business was doing in the area around the animal sanctuary the day after these animals were released.

The police were called to this sanctuary many times with neighbor complaints but there were no laws on the books they could enforce since Ohio doesn't regulate the ownership of exotic animals at all. We hear all the time about fights over banning pit bulls. Yet Ohio says owning a lion is OK.

Here is a petition started to urge Kasich to consider regulations on private ownership of wild animals:

Please consider signing it and following up by contacting the governor's office:

Did they ever give Obama a chance?

Read any Republican/Tea Bagger site and there will be a comment on it that goes something like, “Obama was supposed to unite us and he’s failed.” They'll cite some comment Obama made as proof of his decisiveness, which is generally taken out of context and skewed. (big surprise there)

But one only has to take a quick look back to 2009 to find that these people never gave Barack Obama a chance. In less than four months after he was sworn in as President they held their tax day events across the nation to protest him. The guy had been in office for less than 100 days. Watch the following video we taped back then. These people are already decrying how we’ve become a socialistic state, that we must re-write the U.S. Constitution and if we can’t change America that way, that we should take up arms and “exercise our second amendment rights.” Seriously. Again, Barack Obama hadn’t been in office for 100 days.

The reason why America is in the position that it’s in is not because of Barack Obama, it’s because of these people funded by millions of dollars from people like the Koch brothers who made sure Obama’s administration never got off the ground. Destroying a nation to get to one man – what on earth have we become?

What the Plain Dealer isn’t telling you

So I clicked on the link for the article by Roldo Bartimole that Anastasia referred to below. Wow, is that reporting an eye opener. The Plain Dealer with its slanted biased reporting would like you to believe that the financial problems in the Cleveland public school system is all caused by those overpaid teachers. What the Plain Dealer isn’t telling (sadly) is that there are millions upon millions of dollars that could be going to fund Cleveland public education, but isn't, because of tax abatements. Instead of this money going to fund public education it’s lining the pockets of people like the Dolan family. Following is a list of what Roldo Bartimole could find. The dishonesty of the Plain Dealer is just disgusting and it has sunk to a new low.

"Here’s what I found in 2009 when I looked at some, not all by any means, tax abatements and exemptions in Cleveland. Gifts for the richest people in town, believe me. There are countless more abatements than those mentioned here.

- Browns Stadium, used almost exclusively by billionaire Randy Lerner: property tax exemption for his stadium, $8.08 million in 2009 and $7.97 million in 2008. A total of some $16 million in lost revenue. The Cleveland schools absorbed half of that lost in revenue. He’ll never pay property taxes. Tim Hagan and Mike White made sure of that. Too bad, kids.

Most property tax – more than 50 percent - is lost by the Cleveland schools, which depend mostly heavily on the property tax. Too bad, teachers.

- Quicken Arena, mostly enjoyed financially by Dan “Casino” Gilbert, Quicken Loans multi-millionaire: property tax exemption of $3.8 million in 2009 and $3.76 million in 2008. That is a total of $7.58 million over the two years in lost revenue, most from the Cleveland schools. Too bad, schools.

Crunch time on repealing SB 5: knock on doors on Cleveland's West Side

Polling is looking good for the repeal of SB 5 — NO on Issue 2. But this is an off-off-year election, and victory will depend n turning out voters. And way too many people are still confused about what they are voting for.

So it's time to talk to your friends, send them emails, and get out and knock on doors.

There are plenty of opportunities to walk neighborhoods the next three weekends. If you know of any, please email us or post them here. You can go to to learn about how you can help.

One canvass we learned about is on the west side of Cleveland this Saturday. People will be meeting at 10 a.m. at P.J. McIntyre's at 17119 Lorain Avenue.

Here's their message:

"We need a little help on Saturday. Just a couple hours of your time. C'mon out and help defeat Issue 2 on Saturday. We are hitting the streets in a bunch of West Side neighborhoods and could a use a couple hours of your time. We are trying to get at least 100 people out to spread the gospel that Issue 2 is Unsafe, Unfair and Hurts us all. Afterwards, we'll have some decent pub food, hoist an ale or two and plot and plan about how, after we win this election, we won't allow ourselves to be put in this crazy position we're in ever again. State Senator Skindell, Representatives Foley and Antonio, Councilmembers Sweeney and Keane, teachers, firefighters, police officers and many more will be there help get the word out that Issue 2 is bad and needs to be overturned."

Hopefully, you can join them.

Good column on Cleveland newspaper's contempt for ordinary working people

Roldo Bartimole has been Cleveland's voice of dissent for more than four decades. He was a reporter for the defunct Cleveland Press, then started his own newsletter called Point of View. These days he posts online columns from time to time when he was inspired, and today he was inspired — or outraged — by the Cleveland Plainly Republican's second attack on teachers in two days. Apparently, their endorsement of keeping SB 5 yesterday just wasn't enough. Now they're proclaiming "Cleveland teachers must accept less."

Roldo eviscerates their editorial by enumerating the well-padded pockets into which the schools' money is disappearing:

When you read this, it's obvious why Occupy Wall Street happened. And it's clear why we need to repeal SB 5. Cleveland teachers are already grossly underpaid for the challenging job they do, and they have been heaped with blame for a range of social ills that no one has the will to tackle. Now the lords of the Plain Republican editorial page — who probably make twice as much as the average teacher for a job that's probably one-tenth as challenging — think they need to sacrifice more while the city's wealthy developers and team owners should never be asked to be pay their fair share of property taxes.

I don't think it's an accident that the only young person I knew of who planned to be a teacher changed her major last year. I don't know who the Plainly Republican thinks will take this difficult job for such little money only to be told by overpaid editorial writers that they "must accept less." Doubling their pay would still be too little reward for the job they do.

A society built on lies is doomed to fail

This quote by John Kasich, talking about Issue 2 still baffles me:

”The problem with the campaign – they’ve been emotional and we’ve been factual. And in campaigns, emotion usually wins. That’s kind of where we are.”

We originally wrote about it here:

It’s just twisted on so many levels.

First: John Kasich appears to be trying to play the victim with it.


After all his yelling and screaming and talking about running people over with his bus, he thinks he’s the victim?

Second: his whole part about “being factual.”

Does he not remember Dr. Mike Shreffler’s letter documenting his lies? Does he not remember being caught on record by the Columbus Dispatch (R-Columbus), of all papers, stating that Issue 2 doesn’t require merit pay for teachers?

Here’s a link to refresh his memory:

How can a governor of a state be allowed to talk so incoherently of the truth?

I believe John Kasich truly thinks he’s the victim. I’m also pretty sure the reason why he feels this way is because he’s 100% crazy. He does not know the truth, cannot be guided by it, he is just following his own selfish feelings and unfortunately dragging us along with him.

What kind of society are we creating?

If all we can do is worry about how much something will cost without understanding potential future gains do we ever stand the chance of creating a better tomorrow?

State Rep. Bob Hagan was on the Rachel Maddow Show tonight

If you missed it, you can watch the segment here:

Rachel Maddow invited state rep. Bob Hagan of Youngstown on her show tonight to talk about HB 343, a bill he's introducing that would mandate drug and alcohol testing for legislators, state supreme court justices, statewide elected officials (such as the governor) and members of the JobsOhio board. It's in response to Republican sponsored bill requiring drug testing for anyone who gets state assistance, including assistance they've earned like unemployment and worker's comp.

He repeatedly refers to the Republicans' proposal as "insensitive," and that is putting it kindly. At a time when all but the wealthiest are suffering, it's one more way to make people feel guilty and ashamed for something that usually isn't their fault.

Such a bill was passed in Florida, and only 2 % of the people tested were positive. That meant the state had to pay for 98 % of the drug tests. So we're talking about a redundant and unnecessary measure that costs the taxpayers money only to humiliate people who are impacted by the miserable economy — not to provide a service of any kind. THIS is what Republicans consider a useful expenditure!

I love the way Hagan opens up: "Let me first start out by saying our governor John Kasich worked for Lehman Brothers ..."

He says the Republicans are trying to move the discussion away from the destruction of jobs, and gets in some strong punches at SB 5. He concludes by saying of his Republican colleagues, "They don’t like government. If they don’t like it they should find another job.”

Hagan does a good job of exposing how unserious Republicans are about improving the economy, with drug testing for the unemployed being merely the latest egregious assault on people impacted by joblessness.

Bill O'Neill launching another Ohio Supreme Court run

Former appeals court judge/pediatric emergency room nurse Bill O'Neill from Geauga County said yesterday that he has pulled petitions for another run for Ohio Supreme Court. It's likely he plans to tackle Republican Robert Cupp, based on this Facebook post he made last week:

"There are two Justices running for re-election to the Ohio Supreme Court next year, and they have raised in excess of $4 million between them. They have consistently sat on the cases of their contributors and the last study conducted demonstrated that "contributors" to Republican Ohio Supreme Court Justices won their cases 91% of the time. Now if that is okay with everyone else, then I will just keep nursing and playing golf. But if it is not, take this quiz: How Does Supreme Court Justice Robert Kupp spell his last name. With a "C" or a "K"?"

O'Neill ran two prior campaigns for Supreme Court, in 2004 and 2006 (He also ran for Congress against Steve LaTourette in 2008 and 2010). In 2006, he adopted the catchy if ungrammatical slogan "No money from nobody," emphasizing his refusal to accept any donations. He purchased an ancient printing press which he put in his garage and, with the help of family members, printed tens of thousands of blue flyers.

Unfortunately, money talks in these races and even more unfortunately it keeps talking from the bench. O'Neill's opponent, Terrence O'Donnell, won despite having garnered a lengthy front-page story in the New York Times about a month before the election emphasizing how O'Donnell found with campaign contributors 91% of the time (what Bill references above). That can't be too encouraging for anyone who wants to bring a case against a company or special interest which has donated lavishly to Supreme Court candidates.

Democrats ready to go to war for sane congressional districts

Following the unanimous decision by the 6-1 Republican Supreme Courts Friday that the Republicans in the legislature could not make a bill immune to repeal by sticking an appropriation into it (something the court already decided several years ago but this legislature chose to ignore), the Ohio Democratic Party held a press conference yesterday to announce their readiness to go ahead with a repeal referendum if the Republicans in the legislature are not willing to come back to the table and negotiate congressional districts that satisfy both parties — and hopefully do right by the voters.

The ODP says it is prepared to hire a profession company to gather signatures, fully aware that mounting an unprecedented three referendum petition drives in a mere eight months is asking a lot of its activists; in fact the party says it will steer volunteers who call in the next few weeks to the SB 5 repeal election instead.

However, such a referendum would create uncertainty and chaos. The ODP is asking the Supreme Court to restart the clock for the time it has to gather signatures since attorney general Mike Dewine so blatantly violated ignored the law himself in throwing out the signatures for petition language. Even if they do not get an extended period, the signature gathering period would go through Boxing Day (December 26). Filing deadline for congressional seats is December 7. Since Ohio is losing two seats, the state cannot simply revert to the current map.

A walk down memory lane

Back to when the Cleveland Plainly Republican published the following hilarious assertions when endorsing Kasich for governor.

"Republican challenger, John Kasich, is a former congressman from suburban Columbus given to Reagan-style optimism and bold, sometimes questionable, ideas. He is just as clearly the wild card, eager to shake up the status quo and even challenge his own party, but also capable of talking himself right off a cliff.

"Alternately arrogant and charming, Kasich can make a not-terribly-unconventional idea such as privatizing parts of the Department of Development ... sound like a call to revolution. But here's what's scary about Kasich: With his Red Bull style, it is sometimes hard to tell what's core belief, what's hot air and whether even he knows the difference. ... Does he understand that being a Fox News provocateur is not the same as being the leader of a diverse, complex state?" [No, he does not]

"Kasich showed, as House Budget chair the last time Washington used black ink, that he could cross partisan lines [!!!!!!!] and get results. He also showed in Congress that although he is personally conservative, he has no time for divisive hot-button tactics [!!!!!!!!!!!!!]; Ohio doesn't, either."

I would love to see this paper explain now how Kasich ramming through controversial and extreme bills like SB 5 and voter suppression bill HB 194, as well as a congressional map that even the paper admitted was a travesty, demonstrates that he has "no time for divisive hot-button tactics."

It seems to be pretty much ALL he has time for.

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