#OccupyDayton kicks off with over 200 protesters

OccupyDayton video calls out the Dayton Daily News for "reporting" on the #OccupyDayton protests by placing it in the Lifestyles section. (David Esrati also has more on this here)

Here's the first video from the home of the Wright Brothers where over 200 people created the first wave of patriots on the streets Dayton...

#OccupyCleveland overnight crowd growing as well

It's no longer just the daytime crowds growing, but the nighttime crowds too. #Occupy Cleveland now over 60 people at night with hundreds and growing during the daylight hours. Good weather today and tomorrow should only increase this activity. Rain is forecast for the weekend, so while they aren't asking for it, maybe you can drop by this week with some ponchos, plastic bags, and other items to keep protestors dry on those unpleasant evenings. Bring food too.

Occupy Columbus: Target Statehouse


8 a.m. tomorrow (well, actually today since it's after midnight here in Cleveland).

This could get interesting/ugly. We all recall how they didn't take it well when teachers and police officers gathered in Columbus to protest the passage of SB 5. I doubt the corporate stooges who dominate our legislature are going to be too happy. If only we could occupy the Statehouse for real and toss out any lying, hypocritical politician who ran last year on "Democrats aren't creating jobs fast enough but we will" — yet who is now kowtowing o the governor's agenda of rewarding his wealthy donors and cronies and ignoring the rest of us. This current legislature has declared war on workers, war on voters, war on women. There couldn't be a better target to occupy.

Congress to vote on Free Trade agreements this week; could cost US 214,000 jobs

If you check any conservative Facebook page there will be inevitably a comment that states, “Unions at one time had a place in American society, but currently all they do is drive up the price of things and force jobs to go overseas.”

Such a statement is complete BS.

What has forced jobs to go overseas are free trade agreements. Companies can take advantage of the incredibly cheap labor in other countries and juice their profits without any penalties. A lot of these companies really aren’t hurting as far as profitability is concerned, they could continue to make things in the US, they just don’t want to. To increase their profit margins companies are willing to sell out the American worker and subsequently America by shutting down factories here and shipping them to countries where we have free trade agreements. If these free trade agreements didn’t exist and companies had to pay a penalty for outsourcing jobs, we’d probably have more jobs here in the US and a better economy – think about it.

So, are we learning from any of this? It doesn’t appear so. The reason why is, Congress is set to vote this week on three new free trade agreements with Columbia, South Korea and Panama. According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), these agreements could cost the US an additional 214,000 jobs.


The only people who stand to gain from these new free trade agreements are corporate executives with stock options. We probably won’t be selling these countries a lot, but corporate execs. will have three new options for cheap labor and resources without ever having to create any new US jobs or paying any penalties for outsourcing to them. Please call your Congressional representative and ask them to vote “No” on these agreements. American jobs are on the line.

Media acknowledges OccupyWall Street; creates narrative crutch

Well, the mainstream media finally perked up and realized that, since it was spreading across the country, maybe they'd better do something about covering the OccupyWallStreet demonstrations.

You can tell they are not happy about it. I wrote about NPR's wobbly-kneed, pathetic little excuse a week ago:


Their excuse hinted at the excuse the media has now come up with to feature a patronizing and dismissive tone in their coverage: we don't know what these crazy kids want. They don't have a clear message!

It's funny. I've read only a handful of items about the demonstrations. I glanced at a few photos online and I saw OccupyChicago out of the corner of my eye this past week. Yet I am perfectly clear about what they want: they want a country whose laws aren't created to enable a handful of the wealthiest people and a tiny group of financial institutions to suck up and horde all the country's wealth, while everyone else struggles. They want a country in which ideas like surtaxes on super-rich and regulations preventing big banks from making risky moves and passing the downside to everyone else while assuring no downside for themselves aren't automatically rejected, and ideas like cutting food assistance for hungry kids and making 65- and 66-year-olds try to find affordable health-care coverage in the private market are chewed over with deep seriousness.

Do the media really not get this? Actually, I think they do — but it's an inconvenient truth for those who serve as a mouthpiece for the privileged. That's why a Plain Dealer editor's assertion that the paper's mission was to be a "voice for the voiceless" got such a wave of laughter from an audience at a forum last March. It doesn't take many brain cells to figure out that the Plain Dealer's mission is to be a "voice for the Greater Cleveland Partnership."

We Are Ohio Road Trip

Great video from the We Are Ohio Road Trip. It offers four good reasons to vote “No” on Issue 2 - - check it out.

Occupy Toledo Monday morning!

Hey Toledo!

I was in your city briefly last night.

I stood on the corner of Reynolds and Southwyck and sniffed the balmy night air, trying to see if I could catch the scent of your Kasich-stooge mayor who is selling out the hard-working people of his town.

If being "led" by a clown like that isn't motivation enough to Occupy Toledo, I don't know what is. Tomorrow morning, Monday October 10 at 11 a.m., people just like you who are tired of rich bankers taking everything and locking it in a vault will be gathering downtown at Levis Square at the corner of Madison and North St. Clair.


Toledo Mayor Mike Bell is one of the puppets serving as a face of the Building a Better Ohio campaign, a lackey of Governor John "Lehman Brothers" Kasich and the 1 % he represents. Come on down, Toledo, and say "We've had enough of that!"

Mary Taylor's Bogus Numbers

Ed. note: This article promoted from the forums...

#OccupyCleveland growing and growing and growing

Day two at #OccupyCleveland as the structure takes shape and a new wave of weekend reinforcements begin arriving.

Going down this weekend? Add the @OhioDaily handle to your tweets and we'll get some of them up here for the masses. Oh yeah, and on the facebook too.

#OccupyCleveland gets underway

This video was taken late this evening after many of the first wave had come and gone. What you're seeing here is the core group planning how and where they'd be spending the nights ahead. Join them tomorrow and this weekend.

Congresswoman Betty Sutton helps the people’s voice be heard

Congresswoman Betty Sutton took part in the Occupy Wall Street march today proving that at least some of our elected representatives still care about the people. She also has a petition you can sign to help your voice be heard to those on Wall Street.

Everything that we’ve seen with the economic collapse both here and in Europe was caused by Wall Street greed and an unhealthy inter-connectedness of financial institutions. It was caused by de-regulation of banks – cushy relationships between mass-conglomerates that hoarded business and over-extended themselves in ridiculously risky financial instruments that were doomed to fail. And when these financial instruments failed the world’s economy collapsed, but none of these institutions have ever really been held accountable for what they have done. Please consider signing Congresswoman Sutton’s petition and help make your voice heard to the people on Wall Street.

”From Betty Sutton ...

Today, I'm joining the protesters on Wall Street to send a message to them: enough is enough.

It wasn’t the workers, or the seniors, or young people who gambled with our economy and caused the economic downturn. It was reckless, greedy corporate interests.

Please sign my petition to tell Wall Street that enough is enough. It is time to stop the injustice and make sure that Wall Street pays their fair share of taxes, puts an end to the foreclosure crisis, and helps middle class Americans get back to work.”

The petition can be found here:

Steve Stivers, who is this guy working for?

Joseph over at Plunderbund did a great post on how Steve Stivers (R-OH 15) might have been tipped-off on the Republican’s redistricting plan. Stivers might have been tipped-off months in advance about it. What was a main indicator that Stivers got a heads up? He bought a new house perfectly located inside his new district.

Steve Stivers didn’t just buy any kind of house though. The guy bought a $535,000 house - - in this economy. A congressman – buying a half a million dollar home – and this is his second one. Who’s he working for?

Republicans and “Class Warfare”

Elitist Republicans are complaining that Democrats and those on the Left are starting “Class Warfare.”

Yet these elitist Republicans have no problems attempting to start a war within the classes.

All the lies about SB5 (issue 2 on the November ballot) and trying to bring the pubic sector and the private sector in parity – what’s all that?

If we’re going to talk about equality (and I’m all for it), let’s look at the big picture and the mega-billionaires who are literally buying our government, our media, locking us out, and making a joke out of this country. These people are good though. They’re so good that they’ve literally got some schmucks to attack their fellow workers in a ridiculous inter-class warfare. As if doing so will help improve their lives - but it won't.

Republicans... class warfare “No,” but please fight amongst yourselves.

Occupy Cleveland – Starting this Thur., Oct. 6, Noon, by the Free Stamp

Some great planning has gone into Occupy Cleveland – check out the following video.

Even though the 1% are trying to make the people irrelevant in the American political process – the PEOPLE still matter. Come out and let your voice be heard. Democracy cannot be allowed to fail.

Early voting starts today!

Get a move on. No on 1, 2 and 3. Just tell everyone to vote no on everything. No is the magic word!

Occupy Wall Street Activist Slams Fox News – Conservative Mainstream Media

This guy takes Fox News and the conservative media to task. He states:

“Unfortunately, it’s fun to talk to the propaganda machine in the media, especially conservative media such as yourself, because we find that we can’t get conversations on the Department of Justice’s ongoing investigation of NewsCorporation for which you are an employee, but we can certainly, you know, ask questions such as why are the poor engaging in class warfare. After 30 years of having our living standards decrease while the wealthiest 1% have had it better than ever, I think it’s time for, I don’t know, some participation in our Democracy that isn’t funded by news cameras and gentlemen such as yourself.”

He further states:

”I mean, take for instance, when Glenn Beck was doing his protests, and he called the President a person who hates white people and white culture. That was a low moment in America’s history, and you guys kinda had a big part in it. So I’m glad to see you coming around and paying attention to what the other 99% of America is paying attention to, as opposed to just the far right fringe who would love to just destroy the middle class entirely.”

And makes the great point:

”You know, I find it really entertaining that people like to hold the Bill of Rights up while they’re screaming at gay soldiers, but they just can’t wrap their heads around the idea that a for profit health care system doesn’t work.”

As much as the 1% are trying to destroy America with their astroturfing Tea Party fools the truth is still getting out there. Have a look…

The original article was posted here:

Like I needed another reason to hate Hank Jr.

Hank Jr. represents all the worst hard-drinking, redneck, yeeHAAA stereotypes of country music. He tends to attract crude, sexist, drunk asshole bikers. I recall reading about an infamous double bill he played once with kd lang that did not go well — bikers swigging JIm Beam ridiculing and bullying the lesbians there to hear lang. Whoever thought of that bill must have been tripping.

I used to cover country music for my photo agency back in the ’80s. One year I was at Nashville's annual fanfare, and I was heading down to the fairgrounds, musing on the fact that — despite the music's general common-man appeal — I had seen no black people there who weren't working. Then Hank Jr.'s horrible song "If the South Woulda Won" came on the radio and everything snapped into place.

"If the South woulda won we woulda had it made."

Really? Who, exactly, "woulda had it made?" Certainly not this country's black people.

Now there's this, unsurprisingly:


Referring to Obama and Biden as "the enemy," he criticized Boehner for playing golf with Obama, saying " “That would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu. Not hardly. In the shape this country is in?” He said this on Fox "News," where such comments are pretty routine, yet ESPN's Monday Night Football wisely removed him from their broadcast.

This is the clown who sang these chilling lyrics,

"If the south woulda won we woulda had it made.
I'd make my surpreme court down in Texas
and we wouldn't have no killers getting off free.
If they were proven guilty then they would swing quickly,
instead of writin' books and smilin' on T.V."

An unfortunate victim of the economy


Sadly, Chrissie Hynde has closed her Mediterranean-style vegan restaurant, the VegiTerranean, in Akron.

She posts,

"It is with great regret that The VegiTerranean in downtown Akron has closed it doors for the last time.

This has been a labor of love for us for the last four years. We tried everything we could to keep the restaurant going but unfortunately due to the current economic climate this has not been possible.

I'd like to THANK everybody who helped me fulfill my dream. I discovered that Vegan cuisine in Ohio has become more appreciated than I imagined. We were voted among the top 5 Vegan restaurants in America by Business Week. Of course my Chef Scot Jones is responsible for that, with the help of Tal Ronnen, the man who taught him how to translate his delicious recipes into non meat versions. Last but not least I'd like to thank our management, amazing staff and everyone of you who dined with us at The VegiTerranean.

Your Friend, Chrissie Hynde"

I ate there with my sisters last June and even though both of them are meat-eaters (as I am not), we all thought it was excellent. Since it was a nice day, we ate out on the spacious patio, and the setting was lovely. I'm really sorry she couldn't make a go of it. Way too many people who have put their heart and soul into their dream business are losing it now, and it's not like it used to be where if you tried and failed at your own project, you could just go back to your 9-5 job. Now there's nothing. Chrissie Hynde will probably be OK, but it's still sad — and what about all the other who didn't make a pile of money in their rock and roll heydey? The big banks are sitting on all the money, and there's nothing left down here for US job creators to patronize businesses like the VegiTerranean and create jobs there.

This is why they are occupying Wall Street.


Ready to go, Ohio? Occupy Cleveland Thursday!


Meet at noon at the Free Stamp at East 9th and Lakeside Avenue.

In Ohio, the stakes couldn't be clearer. We have a governor who is an agent of the big financial institutions, a former Lehman Brothers managing director who got wealthy trying to convince pension funds — including the state's — to invest in the collapsing company. Now he wants to stick public sector workers with the bill. He claims we don't have the money, never mind that this spendthrift governor increased the state budget by $5 billion. We have it. It's just a matter of who he thinks deserves it — and it's not Ohio's working people.

As for Cleveland, we see the spectacle of our local media trying to gin up outrage over a city councilwoman who may have taken a couple of thousand dollar bribe and pulled strings to get a job for her son (like, who doesn't, if they have the connections?) while acting like the city's corporate robber barons are civic heroes. Stop buying their spin, and get angry about the true outrages.

Noon. Thursday. Free Stamp.


[UPDATE] ... Is this still America?

Video from Occupy Wall Street

As people chant, “this is a peaceful protest,” it appears as though many (mostly women) are randomly dragged from a crowd and arrested for no apparent reason. Have a look…

UPDATE - The NYPD released a video of their own that shows an officier reading a statement that anyone standing in the middle of the bridge could be arrested. The crowd is pretty loud and it's quite possible that many didn't hear him. It seems like the reading of the statement is mainly to cover the NYPD's butts and not really to inform the protestors. The video can be viewed at this link...


A new civil rights movement?

The protests on Wall Street, dubbed "Occupy Wall Street," have been going on for several weeks. Unlike any time a few dozen Tea Party members gather somewhere to incoherently protest something that isn't even true, the media has virtually ignored these ongoing demonstrations which are calling for an end to allowing the financial institutions to control this country and impoverish it. One of the most excruciatingly embarrassing excuses for this media failure came from NPR's executive editor for news Dick Meyer, who said, "The recent protests on Wall Street did not involve large numbers of people, prominent people, a great disruption or an especially clear objective."


Instead, the supposed;y "liberal" public outlet has run some stories from the right-wing, often hilariously biased AP. And Meyers' criteria apply more aptly to the copiously covered Tea Party: their demonstrations usually don't involve large numbers of people, especially compared to recent demonstrations on the left, they don't involve prominent people on the street (Karl Rove and Dick Armey are behind the scenes pulling the strings, but I doubt they have shared that much), and their objectives are either fuzzy or based on falsehoods. Plus Tea Party demonstrations rarely caused great disruptions, but Occupy Wall Street has Official New York's undies in a bunch and there have now been many arrests. So some of the media IS starting to cover that:


Just when you think the Ohio GOP COULDN'T be anymore excluding and arrogant —

there's this:

"The board's vote was 4 – 0, with every Republican voting for the amendment and the newly revised map. House minority leader Armond Budish, who is Jewish and is the lone Democrat on the board, skipped the meeting in honor of the Rosh Hashanah holiday."

(These people are YOUR friends, Josh Mandel?)

This vote involves some very controversial chicanery going on with arbitrarily shoving black voters hither and yon in Cleveland-area legislative districts (not congressional districts). What specifically they are doing isn't relevant because it has become clear that pretty much everything they are doing in relationship to map drawing is corrupt, anti-democatic, and a thumb in the eye of voters — ALL voters of any persuasion.

Whether or not Budish would have agreed with this move and the fact that his "nay" vote wouldn't be enough to overcome this massed Republican bullying anyway is irrelevant. This is basically saying to voters in Ohio "You don't matter and we will just go ahead and do what we like and we have no interest in considering anyone else's point of view." It's of a piece with Kasich cynically calling for labor to negotiate with him on SB 5 — after it's signed law and input is irrelevant.

This comes on top of this:

You may recall Draw the Line Ohio, the website that invited map geeks to draw Ohio's legislative districts along certain guidelines to come up with the most representative outcome for voters. It got 53 maps, ranked them according to factors like compactness, keeping communities together and competitiveness. It submitted the top eight plans to the districting commission which had been making a big show of actually caring what the public thought before tossing out and ramming through a horrific map that tosses voters around like straws in the wind.

Tim Ryan stands up for Planned Parenthood

The rap against progressive congressman Tim Ryan of Youngstown is usually, "Yes, but did you know he's anti-choice?"

In fact, whatever his personal beliefs on abortion are, Ryan has always been an aggressive leader in the Prevention First movement — the effort to decrease the number of abortions by decreasing unplanned pregnancies — providing accurate sex education and access to affordable contraceptives, as well as maternity care that enables women to have REAL choice if they want to have a baby. Nothing else has been shown to be as effective in preventing abortion — certainly not banning it.

Planned Parenthood doesn't seem to think Ryan is an enemy to their efforts. Today Planned Parenthood sent out this release spotlighting Ryan's efforts on their behalf, in light of a brand new set of attacks by yet another woman-hating neanderthal in Congress.

Here's what they said:

"On September 20, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) received a
letter from Representative Cliff Stearns (R-FL), chairman of the Subcommittee on
Oversight and Investigations for the House Energy and Commerce Committee,
announcing what is clearly a politically motivated investigation of Planned
Parenthood and demanding years of records from PPFA and Planned Parenthood
affiliates. This investigation is a rerun of the Pence effort under a different
guise, intended to undermine our ability to provide essential health care to
women, young people, and families who rely on us.

Fortunately, we have congressional champions standing in opposition to this
attack. Ohio's Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Niles) released a statement against the
underhanded tactics being used by Rep. Stearns and other extremists. We need you
to thank him for his support!

Congressman Ryan's statement:

"House Republicans are once again ignoring their duty to help get America back


That's how many signatures to repeal HB 194 were turned into the secretary of state today. It's a good number, but to be extra careful, we need to keep getting signatures while these are being validated.

HB 194 repeal signatures turned in today

Fair Elections Ohio, the umbrella group for the organizations pushing the repeal of voter suppression bill HB 194, said that they are turning in enough signatures today to put a hold on the bill taking effect. Without the signatures, that would have happened Friday, making voting much more difficult and enabling the invalidation of many ballots on nitpicky technical grounds. All of this would have made the repeal of SB 5 in November harder. (And don't fall for the headlines saying that SB 5 is picking up support — in reality, it's the conservatives who were in the large group of undecideds going home to their side, and repeal still has a strong lead. Why do you think they need to suppress the vote?)

I haven't heard the exact number yet, but I've heard from several sources it's over 300,000. (We need slightly more than 231,000 valid signatures). That's good but not enough to declare we are safe from enough signatures being invalidated to keep it off the ballot. Luckily, we've got a couple more weeks to keep gathering signatures. So if you have not signed or if you would still like to circulate at petition, please go to www.fairelectionsohio.com and get on board. We can do this!

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