Not Again! Ohio's Voter Suppression Team Husted/DeWine Sued — For Trying to Suppress the Vote

*The Voter Protection Team: David Pepper & Nina Turner*

This evening the Cleveland-based Chandra Law Firm set out a press release. Some may remember Subodh Chandra as Cleveland law director, or from his primary race in 2006 for attorney general against Marc Dann.

Plaintiffs in Voting-Rights Case Propose Complaint Against Ohio Secretary of State Husted and Attorney General DeWine to Rescind Restrictions Intended to Disenfranchise African-American, Latino, and Democratic Voters. Chandra: “Ohio Republicans have Resurrected Jim Crow in the Form of Red Tape.”

Uh oh. That doesn't sound good.

One of Chandra's specialties is election law, and alas, there's just too much work in that field these days. Here in Ohio alone, I've lost count of the number of lawsuits filed against Jon Husted for his disgraceful work as our secretary of voter suppress ... I mean STATE.

And, accompanied by his buddy attorney general Mike DeWine, he's gone all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court fighting tooth and nail for his right to limit Ohioans' opportunities to vote. Couldn't these two be doing something USEFUL for the state's residents?

Here's what this lawsuit is about:

United We Stand, Divided We Fall


No matter what happens Tuesday, I'll have a few things to say Wednesday about the attitude and behavior of some Democrats.

But for now I want to remind you that we have SIX great statewide non-judicial candidates (We also have two Supreme Court candidates, John O'Donnell and Tom Letson, that you should vote for).

There is no choice for governor but Ed FitzGerald. He stands up for everybody's rights, not just those who share his personal ideology and religious beliefs. That's why LGBT groups have endorsed him. Kasich thinks they are lesser citizens who should have fewer rights.


And as a woman, this was chilling to me:


John Kasich exudes contempt for women, hiding behind the meaningless assertion "I'm pro-life." He is the furthest thing from it. Here he and six other middle-aged white men stomped out the hopes and dreams of many poor and working women, forced to have babies they can't afford because of some moralizing, patronizing white males.

Sharen Neuhardt is about as fine a running matter as Ed could have picked, a true progressive, a tireless worker, and staunch supporter of women's rights.

New Lows for The Plain Dealer Are Daily Events Now

One of the stories abut Ed FitzGerald that the Cleveland Plain Dealer trying out early in their cycle of personal destruction was one about him being in car with a woman at 4 am — doing nothing suspicious.

When that didn't really get people outraged, they grabbed onto the drivers license thing and flogged it until they managed to make it seem like the worst thing ever done by a candidate in Ohio. (Hey PD, how about a little attention for the theft of our public school money for the benefit of unaccountable, failing for-profit charter schools or the fact that we have no idea how JobsOhio is spending OUR money —we just know it's not creating jobs).

Now they are scrapping dripping raw egg off their collective faces for making a mockery of their own endorsement process, revealing that it's nothing but a charade.

What next? Yup. They decided to dig up and run another non-story about FitzGerald in a car with a woman doing nothing particularly suspicious — years ago when he was mayor of Lakewood — and run it on the website today, somehow squeezing it in with all the Cavs/LeBron coverage. I hate basketball but I'd rather see more Cavs coverage. The PD does politics SO badly.

Gee, I wonder if the PD is trying to divert attention from the flap pulling of the endorsement interview video has caused, and the conversations around why they would endorse such a surly baby of a candidate who not only stonewalled during the interview but refused to return their questionnaire. It's attracting a lot of unfavorable attention to this former "news" paper. This is blowing up as another debacle like the 2004 failure to endorse a presidential candidate after publisher Alex Machaskee overruled his editorial board's decision to endorse John Kerry.

They're attracting plenty of the same type of mocking attention they got back then.

Here's Techdirt:com:

How The Plain Dealer Destroyed Its Brand

In October 2004, I cancelled my subscription to the Plain Dealer over their presidential endorsement.

Maybe you remember it. It was really a non-endorsement. If you don’t recall how the paper fumbled and covered itself with shame, let me refresh your memory.

The PD editorial board voted something like 7-2 to endorse John Kerry. My numbers could be wrong but it was pretty decisive. Then they were overruled by publisher Alex Machaskee (what’s that line we’re always being fed about how the publisher has no input into the editorial side?) and declared that the paper was going to endorse George Bush. Some fed-up person inside the PD leaked this to the national media, making the paper look foolish and compromised.

The editorial kept getting pushed back, and when it did, the paper endorsed — no one! You have heard so much about the candidates, it declared, that we don’t think you need US to tell you who to vote for!

Punting like that would have been fine — if they never endorsed another presidential candidate. What presidential race ISN’T a massive blitz that everyone is tired of by October?

But the PD has continued to do endorsements, endorsements that get more puzzling and out of touch with reality every year. Their howler of an endorsement for John Kasich in 2010 was a prime example, when they basically said he’s a loose cannon but he’ll bring excitement to Ohio. He sure did — the wrong kind.

I think pretty much everyone knew it was a foregone conclusion they would endorse Kasich again, even six months ago when the polls still showed a competitive race and before they were fed GOP oppo research about a few personal missteps by his opponent Ed FitzGerald.

But I don’t think anyone predicted how thoroughly the paper would disgrace itself on the road to endorsing Kasich.

The Plain Dealer Grovels to John Kasich — Yet Again

Longtime Ohio Daily Blog readers know that we have no great love for Ohio’s so-called “news” papers. I called out the Cleveland Plain Dealer back in 2009 for its coverage of the Cuyahoga County charter issue, a textbook case in how to slant coverage to favor one side.

And Derek spent much of the summer documenting the appalling “reporting” done by the Plain Dealer’s Henry Gomez and the Columbus Dispatch’s Joe Vardon on this year’s statewide elections as they acted as dutiful mouthpieces for the Ohio Republican Party.

We learned from our friends over at Plunderbund last week just how much they colluded with the ORP. Instead of covering issues that impact the lives of Ohioans they focused on an overheated campaign of personal destruction against Ed FitzGerald which Plunderbund revealed was likely a set-up in which someone inside the Bureau of Motor Vehicles worked hand-in-hand with the Kasich campaign and the Dispatch to provide the information to take down Ed, who until that point was very competitive with the hapless Kasich. That was probably the motivation.

Kasich, of course, has refused to appear at debates or forums with FitzGerald or Green candidate Anita Rios or to answer questions about some of his more contentious and hurtful policies as governor, preferring to run on an expensive media campaign of carefully crafted lies — the sort of thing that would be called out by a REAL newspaper.

Attorney General Mike DeWine: Corrupt and Hyper-Partisan

SInce Mike DeWine managed to sneak into the attorney general's office, barely beating Rich Cordray thanks to Ohio voter's apathy and inattentiveness, that office has plummeted downward faster than a Cedar Point roller coaster.

On one hand, you have rampant cronyism and a complete disregard for sexual harassment charges in his office, with zero interest in investigating and a dismissive attitude toward the women.

On the other, you have his use of this public office and taxpayer dollars not to defend Ohioans and protect their well-being, but to work virtually nonstop to push an extremist ideology and his personal religious beliefs — all over the country.

Where Rich Cordray took on deceptive mortgage brokers and predatory payday lenders, DeWine has crisscrossed the country working to deprive women of access to contraception under the fake charge of "religious freedom" and pushing to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a heartless, anti-Christian move that would kill thousands and bankrupt many more.

Even the Columbus Dispatch — which endorsed this sorry excuse for an attorney general — has taken notice. In an article yesterday it detailed all the cases around the country in which DeWine's office filed a supporting amicus brief. This isn't an unusual practice, but the cases for which he's done it are a laundry list of extremist causes.

ONE side is responsible for government dysfunction and lack of progress on anything — ONE.

I get so sick of hearing self-proclaimed wisdom spouters i.e. political pundits and columnists, nattering on about the roots of the stalemate in Washington D.C. and how "both sides" are guilty of bringing things to a grinding halt as we bid farewell to the least productive Congress in history.

A brief moment in yesterday's U.S Senate debate in Georgia between Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue rips the veil off that little lie and exposes the festering Republican intransigence behind it.

From Rachel Maddow Blog report Steve Benen:

Michelle Nunn (D), echoing her usual message, emphasized the need for compromise. "I just don't believe that it's one party or the other. I think it has to be both sides coming together," she said. "I think that we do have a very clear contrast in terms of how we see breaking through that dysfunction. I don't think it's about prosecuting the other party; I think it's about problem-solving."

At which point, David Perdue (R) dismissed this approach out of hand.
"I disagree," Perdue answered. "When you have a failed presidency, you have to prosecute it," he said.... "When we look at the direction of this country, we've got to make a hard right-hand turn."

What more needs to be side? We are already toppling off the right-hand cliff and Perdue's party thinks we need to go even further right and enact a set of policies virtually every American is against. And we have a Congress many times more "failed" than the President. MANY times. I don't think there's been a poll in years which hasn't shown Congress's approvals much lower than President Obama's.

I agree in part with Nunn: we should focus on problem-solving. But as long as you have an opposing side whose single-minded goal is not solving problems but imposing ideology whether it fits of not — hello, John Kasich! — then problems will only get worse.

Tigers Never Changes Stripes, Empty Suits Stay Empty Forever

Oh, Josh "The Empty Suit" Mandel! We can always count on you to never change. You will always be what you are: sleazy, unethical, lazy, unqualified for every office you have held and every office you have run for.

In a recent ad, Mandel claimed he had improved Ohio's financial ranking from 43rd to 7th in the country.

That's not true. Surprise! But Mandel is doubling down and insisting it is, despite being called out by the state's extremely rightwing newspapers, who basically serve as errand boys for the Ohio Republican Party.

The poor Plain Dealer was in a quandary back in 2010 when Mandel ran a sleazy and unethical campaign (yeah, another big surprise ...). It was clear they really really REALLY wanted to endorse the rosy-cheeked "rising star" of the Ohio GOP. But after his despicable Muslim-baiting attack on incumbent Kevin Boyce, they obviously got that it would be a bad idea. So they endorsed a totally unqualified Libertarian, claiming there was "scandal" in Boyce's office, which there wasn't.

And when Mandel ran his sleazy, unprincipled campaign (hmmm ... seems like there's a pattern here) against Sherrod Brown for the Senate in 2012, the PD found itself in the difficult situation of having to award Mandel "Pants on Fire" after "Pants on Fire" rating in its PolitiFact feature. So much so that they actually twisted around stuff Brown said to make it seem like they were "balanced."

What does the paper say about Mandel's latest claim?

Play The Game! "Where's David 'Waldo' Joyce"?

Anyone who can spot 14th district Congressman David Joyce in these photos from congressional candidate forums in the district gets a prize!




No luck? Maybe you should try looking for him at an NRA meeting! If you want a congressman you can actually find at public forums, vote for Michael Wager.

City Club Forum on Governor's Race — But Cowardly Governor Doesn't Show

*Ed FitzGerald talks about issues, Anita Rios listens, moderator Robert Higgs is probably contemplating how he's going to drag in the drivers license*

John Kasich has refused to appear at any debates this year, arrogantly presuming that because his reelection seems assured, he is no longer answerable to the citizens of Ohio. But the two other candidates — Democrat Ed FitzGerald and Green Anita Rios — appeared at a forum at the City Club of Cleveland Wednesday evening and demonstrated why both are more qualified to be governor than Kasich.

As sad as Kasich’s absence is the continued spin by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, continuing its tragic decline by deciding that people don’t need to know about the real issues in this race and mostly likely hastening the day when northeast Ohioans decide they don’t need a newspaper.

I think Rios spoke for many of us when, in response to the attempt by moderator Robert Higgs from the Plain Dealer’s digital wing, the Northeast Ohio Media Group, to drag the discussion to FitzGerald’s drivers license, she snapped, “Shame on the media for focusing on that. What Kasich did with JobsOhio should be criminal. Governor Kasich’s history on Wall Street speaks more to my conscience than Mr. FitzGerald’s drivers license.”

Job Creation Booming in Ohio! An Economic Miracle! Oops — Just Kidding

The only place in Ohio where an economic miracle exists is in John Kasich's carefully stage-managed commercials. Packed with lies about how much he's done to stimulate job creation, they paint a false picture Kasich won't offer himself to the public to be challenged on.

So we won't get to hear what he says about the latest job creation numbers for Ohio which have been anemic for the last couple of years. (Anyone remember the 2010 campaign line that, yeah yeah, Strickland was creating some jobs but not enough and not fast enough and that Kasich and his beloved "JobsOhio" would create jobs "at the speed of business"? No? Kasich doesn't either apparently).

It seems that after soaring as high as 39th in the country in job creation (never mind that Kasich said we would be leading the pack!) according to the Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business rankings, the state has sunk to 45th in job creation over the last 12-month period. 45th! That means in the last year 44 states created more jobs than Ohio.

Yeah, that's what I call a "miracle."

It's true that the whole country has grown jobs, thanks to President Obama's prudent management of the national economy and measures like the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare"), which Republicans tried to spin as a job killer only it isn't. But Ohio's rate has remained below the national average for two years, even after Kasich managed to get JobsOhio up and running and stealing our tax dollars. And Ohio still hasn't recovered that jobs it lost during the Bush recession, something Kasich promised to remedy in short order four years ago. In fact it was about the only thing he was really clear on — and he failed.

You would reelect this man why?

Speaking of the Attorney General's Race (and Why You Should Vote for Pepper)

Here's an interesting story. There was a third candidate in the race for attorney general, along with Democrat David Pepper and Republican incumbent Mike "What Sexual Harassment" DeWine. His name is Steve Linnabary, he's a Libertarian — and he just endorsed Pepper/

No kidding.

He's got his reasons. For one, the Republicans, trying to protect that 2 or 3 percent of the vote that Libertarians, with their appeal to Tea Party members, often take from Republicans, connived to have both Linnabary and the Libertarian candidate for governor tossed from the ballot.

According to David Pepper's website,

Libertarian candidates have been repeatedly and unfairly targeted by Republican officeholders. In 2013, the GOP-controlled General Assembly changed signature requirements for Libertarians, an unconstitutional law that was later overturned by federal courts. In 2014, Secretary Husted targeted Libertarian candidates for removal from the ballot. Brad Smith, the hearing officer assigned to the case by Husted, was simultaneously serving as an attorney for Mike DeWine, a fact he failed to disclose.

Yet more stench of corruption emanating from DeWine's office. I'm sure the Plain Dealer would just call that "mudslinging" because of course their little Mikey couldn't be doing anything wrong.

Linnabary said,

Libertarians in Ohio have been targeted repeatedly by the powerful GOP machine. We’ve learned that they can’t be trusted to fairly and evenhandedly administer the law. I believe David Pepper is a man of integrity and common sense. His term in the Attorney General’s office will give all Ohio Libertarians hope that he will put rampant partisanship behind us and serve the interests of all Ohioans.

I think that hope is not misplaced.

Another Reason You Won't Miss Ohio's Biased Newspapers When They Fold

The news about the casual and dismissive treatment given to charges of sexual harassment in attorney general Mike DeWine's office is explosive. As we've mentioned a number of time, it's just like the events that drove Marc Dann out of office, only worse.

If you were his opponent in his reelection race, you would be remiss in not bringing this up. It speaks to so many things wrong with DeWine's tenure, from the disrespectful treatment of women, to the lack of accountability, to the willingness to protect his buddies. It's the sort of stuff watchdog newspapers would be chomping at the bit to get at — if Ohio had watchdog newspapers.

Instead we get this headline from the Plain Dealer, which has decided that the most important narrative about the AG race is the candidates being nasty to each other:

"David Pepper flings new attack in attorney general race seasoned by mudslinging."

"Flings new attack"?

In a world with real journalism it would be the Plain Dealer "flinging" this "attack" which isn't "mudslinging" but raising an extremely valid point about the treatment of sexual harassment in DeWine's office.

To me it's clear what the paper is doing here. By casting this race as not about the candidates' differing ideas about how to use the power of attorney general but about "mudslinging," they play up the narrative that all the candidates do is be mean, that the race has no substance and that there's no reason to vote because all the candidates suck. It's hard to get past the idea that the PD wants voters to become cynical and jaded — and too apathetic to vote.

DeWine Waffles and Stonewalls on Sexual Harassment; Pepper Promises to Clean It Up


Can you conceive of a less effective, more partisan, more tepid attorney general than Mike DeWine? No, neither can I. I feel like when the Plain Dealer, incredibly, endorsed this poor excuse for a public servant they were deliberately mocking the voters by praising him for exactly what he isn’t, saying “he’s brought passion and energy to the job.” His only passion has been for using the office, and our tax dollars, to push his partisan ideology and religious beliefs.

And he can brag about tested rape kits all he wants — that should be business as usual with the office — but that doesn’t begin to make up for what we now know is not one but TWO (at least) cases of sexual harassment in his office that were stonewalled and swept under the rug. We recall once again that the disgraced Marc Dann (D) OK’d the investigation of incidents in his office and fired the perpetrators — and was forced out of office. DeWine is still brushing the incidents off like nothing happened and — crickets.

But with yesterday’s revelation at Plunderbund about how Ohio’s corrupt, ethically bankrupt newspapers colluded with the Kasich campaign to pass on illicitly acquired information to destroy an opponent that Kasich clearly felt was too competitive, we now know with certainty that they will never hold DeWine’s feet to the fire the way they did Dann’s. If we had honest media, both the Columbus Dispatch and the Cleveland Plain Dealer would be rescinding their endorsements of DeWine and apologizing. Like THAT’S going to happen.

The Real FitzGerald Drivers License Scandal May Be GOP Dirty Tricks

You have to read the story at Plunderbund. Joseph Mismas there has written a story with huge implications for the governor's race and the state of Ohio. It's like Watergate on the Olentangy, seriously.

Did it occur to any of you to wonder how on earth the Columbus Dispatch and the Cleveland Plain Dealer even learned that Ed FitzGerald did not have a valid drivers license? This isn't the kind of information that is easily available. Every time I hear someone whine "Why didn't the Democrats vet him better?" I point out that no candidate's most intimate personal details can be vetted to that degree. It's likely never occurred to anyone looking into a candidate's background to ask to see their drivers license. And their state BMV records are supposed to be private.

SUPPOSED to be. You may remember the minor scandal in 2008 illegally accessed Not Joe the Not a Plumber's driving records. Republicans flipped out and someone lost their job.

Go read Joseph's article.

Not only does it appear that Ed's records were illegally accessed, it also appears they may have been gifted to a servile Columbus Dispatch — oh, may I call it the Disgrace please? — on a silver platter with platinum jewels embedded by the Ohio Republican Psrty and they sucked it up like the lapdogs they are, with the Cleveland Plain Dealer elbowing in for its share of the ill-gotten goodies.

"Kasich for President" Narrative Ignores Some Inconvenient Facts

The media, always hungry for a new “horse race” political story, has decided that John Kasich for President is their shiny new toy. If Kasich wins in November by a large margin, the speculation will become a roar. Media pundits will decide Kasich’s big win was due to his popularity and accomplishments as governor, and they’ll project a similar national appeal for him.

But that would ignore how he did won and why that wouldn’t translate in a national primary race. A big victory for Kasich November 4 wouldn’t boost his presidential chances because it would have depended on a series of factors that can’t be replicated on a national level or in a multi-candidate primary.

For one, his victory would be based in large part on the deliberate destruction of his opponent Ed Fitzgerald by state newspapers. They were able to crater FitzGerald’s poll numbers, but Kasich’s haven’t improved. So he’s sort of a default choice to a guy who’s been relentlessly smeared, not someone people are enthusiastic about. Kasich could not expect the national media to destroy a series of GOP opponents for his benefit, even if somehow they unanimously settled on Kasich as the frontrunner. With so many candidates being mentioned along with Kasich, where would they even start? And why?

In addition, I believe part of the media strategy in destroying FitzGerald is increase up voter apathy among Democrats and discourage turnout and volunteering. It’s hard to see how encouraging voter apathy among Republican primary voters would benefit Kasich in particular. It’s a different voter base and again, too many potential candidates.

I Am Renewing My Call for Mike DeWine to Resign

With this latest revelation that his office stonewalled charges of sexual harassment, there's really no need to for Mike DeWine to stay in office any longer. As I mentioned previously, Democrat Marc Dann was hounded into resigning in 2008 for something similar but much less serious.

Investigators at Attorney General Mike DeWine's office last year first faulted, then exonerated DeWine's then-employment law chief over how he handled an employee who repeatedly told a legal secretary he liked to slap and punch women, records obtained by The Associated Press show.

Well, isn't that special?

DeWine spokesman Dan Tierney said that the office followed all policies and that Lecklider, like any employee, has a right to due process. It was the first such finding overturned in five years, and the second internal harassment case to surface, as DeWine seeks re-election, that involved a partial departure from protocol.

But basically as Republicans, they don't care, because they think women are a lower life form, and yes, this most definitely includes Mike DeWine's boneheaded colleague John Kasich, laughably trying to promote himself in ads as a friend to women.

I noticed that this story making the rounds, and reprinted in numerous small papers, is from the AP, not the disgraceful big state newspapers that have already — incredibly! — endorsed DeWine. Their hotshot "investigative" staffs have plenty of time to flog small failings on the part of the excellent Democratic candidate for governor, Ed FitzGerald, but have no time for this. The Cleveland Plain Dealer and Columbus Dispatch owe Ohioans an apology and a retraction on their front pages for having endorsed this corrupt and ineffective clown.

David Pepper Is HIGHLY Qualified, Says Someone More Illustrious Than Mike DeWine

As a young man not long out of Yale Law School in 1999, Democratic candidate for attorney general David Pepper landed a job clerking for now retired judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals of the Sixth Circuit Nathaniel R. Jones. He spent some time teaching at Harvard Law School, so he's seen some great young minds.

And Judge Jones sent out this letter on behalf of Pepper:

From: Nathaniel R. Jones
Subject: A Note from Judge Nathaniel R. Jones

Dear Anastasia,

Mike DeWine has unleashed a scurrilous attack on David. The commercial, among other things, calls David inexperienced, untrustworthy and wrong for Ohio. The ad is entitled “Unqualified.” Its absurdity is apparent.

Unqualified? David Pepper is one of the most qualified people to ever run for attorney general in the history of our state. I had the honor of having him serve as my law clerk back when I was on the Federal Court of Appeals. I saw his legal mind operate close up. He and I later became colleagues at one of our nation’s most respected law firms and have taught election law together at the University of Cincinnati’s law school. In addition, he has been an outstanding public servant.

We are lucky to have someone of his intellect, experience and integrity willing to serve our state. David will bring a wave of fresh thinking and integrity to the office of attorney general.

Mike DeWine, who is in the midst of a real pay-to-play scandal, has a lot of nerve calling David untrustworthy. But what I find most appalling is his calling David “wrong for Ohio.” David and the policies he is advocating are what will be right for Ohio.

The real problem with Mike DeWine is that he has spent his time being not only wrong for Ohio, but wrong for the country. Rather than fighting for the people of Ohio, he has been fighting against the people in Ohio, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan and Arizona.

How Corrupt Is John Kasich? A New Report, Pay to Prey, Will Tell You

If you believe the polls, Ohioans are on the verge of blindly reelecting not only one of the most partisan and economically ruinous governors in its recent history, but also one whose administration's way of doing business offers a very high likelihood that corruption is occurring.

The nonprofit watchdog group, the Center for Media and Democracy, has a new report out today called "Pay to Prey: Governors Facilitate the Predatory Outsourcing of America's Public Services."

I devour reports like this and I wish more people would, instead of basing their ideas about candidates on flimsy passing remarks and insinuations.

The report has a scathing and detailed recounting of how seven governors are squandering state resources, property and tax dollars to enrich their cronies and donors and impoverish their states. It contains sections on Florida, Maine, Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin — and Ohio. When it comes to putting the interests of their friends ahead of those of their constituents, these governors are among the worst of the worst. And Kasich holds his own in this bad company.

You can read the report here if you want to see how bad things are all over:

All those other states have a high likelihood of or at least a shot at getting rid of their corrupt governors. The odds are longer in Ohio, which means four years from now we may be where Kansas is today: such a smoking heap of wreckage that this blood-red state may be on the verge of electing a Democratic governor. Good luck to Paul Davis in piecing together those ruins.

Hell Has Frozen Over. Plain Dealer Endorses Nina Turner

*Nina Turner with Democratic congressional candidate Michael Wager (Oh-14), another person you should vote for if you live in his district even though the PD endorsed his opponent*

Now obviously Nina Turner is the better person for the job of secretary of state. Jon Husted has spent his four years as secretary of state looking for ways to make things more difficult and confusing for voters, bringing court case after court case trying to limit voting opportunities. From his battle with voting rights champion Ed FitzGerald in 2011 over mailing out absentee ballot applications to voters, to his attempt to shut down voting the three days before the election in 2012, the busiest early voting days, to his successful attempt this year (his first court victory in numerous tries, thanks to the rightwing, voter-hating Citizens United U.S. Supreme Court) to delay early voting and ax the so-called "golden period," Husted has been a nightmare for voting rights.

But the Plain Dealer did ludicrously endorse feckless and corrupt attorney general Mike DeWine, Husted's partner in crime in attempting to limit voting.

Nina is a warrior for voting rights. As she has often said, she will fight for your right to vote against her. She has said that as secretary of state, she will use the office in any way she can think of to promote voting everywhere and anywhere, that her goal will be to astronomically increase voter participation. Wouldn't it be great to see a headline that said "Record Ohio voter turnout" instead of "Ohio voter turnout hits another low"?

Clevelanders: Meet Connie Pillich & Help Her Raise Some Money to Beat Josh Mandel

*Connie Pillich (in turquoise jacket with her fist raised) with fellow state legislators at last year's We Won't Go Back rally for women in Columbus*

I was in the store today and saw an ad on TV for Josh Mandel. It almost made me want to drop my purchases and run out of the store. Mandel is claiming that he's been a real wizard of a state treasurer, and he'd have to have been a real wizard to do that, considering how little time and effort he's put into the job.

His Democratic opponent Connie Pillich, on the other hand, has a reputation for working hard in everything she does, like‚ you know, EARNING her paycheck.

Clevelanders have the chance to meet Connie and help her raise a little money to compete with Josh, since she, unlike him, is not owned by Big Coal, the for-profit charter school industry, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and a bunch of other deep-pockets special interests.

Jill and Jeff Zimon are hosting a meet-and-greet fundraiser for Connie at their home in Pepper Pike. She's only looking for $100, more if you feel so inclined but a fraction of what Joshie's special interest buddies give him.

It's taking place Tuesday October 21 from 6-7:30 pm. If you'd like to go, RSVP to
Jordan Howard at 614-454-1089 or

I can confidently state that Connie Pillich would be a much better state treasurer than Josh Mandel.

Some Interesting Info About Kasich's Phony New "I Love Women" Ad from the Ohio Democratic Women's Caucus

*Democratic Women's Caucus members stand against Kasich's assault on women's rights*

I don't have a TV, a real blessing as election season draws to a close. So I haven't seen Kasich's new ad preposterously claiming his administration has been good for women. I guess I could find it online but I don't feel like getting even more outraged than I am. Plenty of people have described it in gruesome detail.

Now some information comes from Kathy DiCrristofaro (second from the right in the photo above), the chair of the Ohio Democratic Women's Caucus, about this ad and the potential conflict of interest of the woman doctor who serves as its mouthpiece.

Kathy writes,

This morning, the Kasich-Taylor campaign released an ad featuring Dr. Alice Epitropoulos, in which she claimed that the Kasich administration’s policies were favorable to women’s health, completely misleading on Kasich’s awful record on women’s issues that has received national attention throughout his first term. What the Kasich campaign did not disclose in its ad was that, regardless of the stethoscope she is wearing, Dr. Epitropoulos is not a general practitioner, nor does she practice women’s health. Instead, she is a registered Republican, a Kasich contributor, and an eye surgeon.

Really? But there's more!

Dr. Epitropoulos donated to Kasich’s campaign in 2010 after the Strickland Administration liquidated the health insurance company she was running because it was financially insolvent.

I recall that we covered this story when I was at scene and it's complex. Kathy's email explains it in basic terms and why this particular doctor might have some, shall we, issue?

How Kasich Has Worked AGAINST Women for the Last Four Years


Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio (pictured above at the We Won't Go Back rally in Columbus last October), sent this email out today regarding John Kasich's insulting and duplicitous new ad claiming "Kasich Works for Women."

She says:

In the most disingenuous move that I have ever seen in Ohio politics, John Kasich claims that he works for women. The fact is, no governor in Ohio’s history has ever done more to undermine women’s reproductive health. At every turn, Kasich has imposed his extremist beliefs on Ohio’s women and interfered with how doctors provide reproductive health care in our state.

Governor Kasich has made it clear that he intends to effectively outlaw abortion in Ohio by unjustly closing its abortion clinics. Women should not be fooled by Kasich’s slick ad campaign. Kasich does not work for women, and women should vote him out of office on November 4.

She says that Kasich has signed eleven (!!!) provisions into law that make controlling their own reproduction and their own lives much harder for Ohio women. He's what he thought it was good to do to "work for women."

1 Create a new consent process for women seeking abortion care that forces a doctor to perform medically unnecessary tests and give medically ambiguous information about the viability of the pregnancy.

2. Require that all ambulatory surgical centers have transfer agreements with hospitals and grant authority to the politically appointed, anti-choice director of the Ohio Department of Health to cherry-pick what constitutes a valid transfer agreement, or variance, for any reason.

Kasich Sets a New Record for Arrogance and Dishonesty in Ad on Women

*Governor Kasich and six other middle-aged white guys trample women's rights"

Few governors in the entire country have been more contemptuous of and condescending to women than John Kasich. Few have done as much to ruin the personal and economic stability of Ohio women's lives. If you are not a rich woman, he doesn't think you deserve any control over your life. If you are, be a nice girl and do what your husband wants. Even the patronizing way he talks about his wife publicly shows that here is a man who really, really doesn't understand women and what they need and frankly doesn't seem to care much.

Kasich had the sheer obnoxious gall to debut an ad in which he boasts about how good he's been for women. That is a bald-faced lie. There's just no other way to spin it. He's been just about the worst governor for women imaginable. I don't know whether Kasich knows this and he's just unethical scum or if truly lives in a world so insulated he has no idea that his actions during his first term made life more difficult for a lot of women who are already struggling. No one wants "big government" and "government taking over our healthcare" less than a women grappling with an unplanned pregnancy. She doesn't want government anywhere in her vicinity.

Ok, DeWine, You Started It. WHO Is "Unqualified" to be Attorney General? Look in the Mirror!

The arrogance level of the Republican statewide officeholders has gotten so off the charts (more about that in my next post as well) that I shudder to think about Ohio's future if any of them gets reelected. These unethical, self-interested hacks have shown over and over by their actions that they really aren't interested in the benefit of 99 out of 100 Ohioans.

No one on the list is worse than Mike DeWine, a hack's hack who is completely unqualified in every way to be attorney general as he's shown with his cronyism, his coverup of a sexual harassment case and his constant pursuit of partisan and ideological campaigns with our tax money that are detrimental to huge swaths of Ohioans who don't share his views.

Now he's adding lying ad hominem attacks on his Democratic opponent David Pepper to his ignominious resume, claiming that Pepper is "unqualified" to be attorney general.

DeWine, I would not normally go here, especially since there is so much in your record in office to use against you, but you started it. The fact is, David Pepper is so much your better you don't even deserve to be in a room with him — probably why you wimped out of doing any debates. You knew you'd be eaten alive.

Let's start with law school. DeWine went to a mediocre law school, Northern Ohio in Ada, which seems mostly distinguished for producing low-level Republican officeholders. Nothing against the school — I'm sure some very solid attorneys went there. But it certainly didn't produce the kind of illustrious alumni that, for instance, a more selective school like Yale Law School which has a separate Wikipedia page for notable alumni, requiring multiple categories and warning that the list may be complete.

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