OhioDaily is an Ohio progressive political blog founded by Jeff Coryell in 2007 as a successor to his Ohio 2006 Political Blog.

In January 2009, OhioDaily transferred ownership to Plus2 Communications, LLC under the management of Anthony Fossaceca, a marketing and political consultant in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2012, Fossaceca and Plus2 transferred ownership to Anastasia Pantsios.

The blog is edited by Pantsios with contributions by several former print journalists, current bloggers and activists handpicked by the Editor.

Readers who establish accounts at OhioDaily may submit forums (which appear on the right sidebar), and may submit comments on stories or forums. Established account holders may be granted the privilege of posting front-page stories, at the discretion of the editor. Site visitors may post comments on stories or forums without establishing an account, but such “anonymous comments” are subject to moderation. This means that they will not be posted until they have been reviewed and approved, which may take as long as 24 hours or more.

Comments and forums are subject to review and may be deleted, without notice, in the exclusive discretion of the sole proprietor/editor. Comments or forums that are racist, sexist, homophobic, or gratuitously insulting will be deleted and the submitter will be banned.