My neighbor took down his Josh Mandel sign


My neighbor, who recently bought a house adjacent to mine used to have a Josh Mandel sign in his yard along with a couple other down ticket Republicans. He’s a nice guy, young, does contracting work, and managed to buy one of the nicer houses in the neighborhood.

I asked him what happened to the sign while I was out walking my dog. My question was along the lines of, “it didn’t get stolen, did it?”

His answer was “no.” He took it down. He went on to say, “that dude is an idiot, he doesn’t have a clue.”

I’m not exactly sure how he came to his new assessment of Josh Mandel, but I’m thinking Josh’s recent debates with Sherrod Brown might have something to do with it. I just agreed with him and continued walking my dog. The other down ticket Republican’s signs are still there.