ELECTION NIGHT Cuyahoga : Miller Zimon Hanging On, Issue 5 Well Behind


Quick glance at the early voting in Cuyahoga…

Issue 5 going down in flames (or at least it appears so, but hard to tell where the votes are coming from). Issue 6 is now well ahead (a complete opposite of Issue 5.

The local counts on the Issues 1, 2, and 3 show county voters supporting all three.

In Pepper Pike, Jill Zimon has a razor thin hold on a council seat with only early votes having been counted. Top four are elected, Zimon is 4th of 6 and leads fifth place by 2 votes 592 to 590.

Issue 4 – Tri C Tax Levy is ahead comfortably with about 10% of the vote in.

In Bay Village, GOP Mayor Debbie Sutherland who ran against Peter Lawson Jones for County Commissioner in 2008, is behind to Jim Scott by a handful. This one should be down to the wire.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson is blowing out former Councilman Bill Patmon.

Cleveland City Council races of note, Zack Reed looks to be holding on to his seat (or the new seat in a different ward) as he’s ahead almost 2-1 on Charlene Laster with 2 of 19 precincts in along with early voting.

Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland leads Pernel Jones by a single vote – 663-662 with 4 of 21 precincts in.

The political comeback of convicted felon Jeffrey Johnson is looking very possible as he leads Councilwoman Shari Cloud with 3 of 20 precincts.

Councilman Brian Cummins out to an early lead in Ward 14 on Rick Nagin, but it’s reasonable close with only early voters in.

William O’Neill is a very votes behind in Hunting Valley Village Council where he’s now 4th of 5, with the top 3 elected.

Nickie Antonio, Brian Powers and Monique Smith are early leaders in the Lakewood Council At Large race with top three of 6 elected to Council.

In North Olmsted, Kevin Kennedy looks to be on his way to locking down Mayor. He’s ahead of Republican John Lasko 3575 to 2751 with 4 of 25 pcts in.

Mike Byrne is well ahead of Tom Minchak in Parma Hts. Mayor’s race.