Thank you Southern Poverty Law Center


Last weekend the Southern Poverty Law Center ran an ad in the Washington Post during the Christian Right’s “Value Voters” summit. The “Values Voters” summit is a shameful event that highlights just how warped human minds can get. It’s put on by the Family Research Council (FRC) and the American Family Association (AFA). For example, these groups believe…

>That Mormonism is a cult

>That the reason there hasn’t been another terrorist attack in the US is because of the singing of God Bless America during the seventh inning of baseball games

>The AFA is on record stating, “gay people orchestrated the Holocaust and were responsible for the killing of six million Jews.”

Despite all these warped beliefs every leading Republican candidate for president showed up to this summit to woo these people’s support. In a compassionate America that actually respected the truth an appearance to a group like this should be the downfall of a campaign.

Fortunately the Southern Poverty Law Center ran their ad to help expose these groups. Their statement can be found here:…

And the ad can be viewed here:…

Seriously, does anyone think these people will stop at the persecution of gays if they get their way? Doesn’t this thinking always lead to more lies about other groups in society that we’ll need to be “cleansed” of? Why can’t we ever learn from our history?

Maybe the reason why America has gone so far down hill is, because we (meaning the media), have lost all respect for the truth. The Republicans/Christian Right people can lie, tarnish and scapegoat at will and there are no corrections. So sure, Mormonism is a cult and gay people are responsible for the Holocaust; and America moves closer to looking like Nazi Germany.