The Worst DCCC Fundraising Letter Possible to Send to a Democratic Woman in Ohio


Hey, Steve Israel! (chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee)

Do you want to see Ohio Democratic checkbooks remain tightly closed? Just keep sending out stuff like this. Maybe you want to explain to us why on EARTH, after several years of relentless attacks on women’s reproductive rights, you seriously think women (and most Democratic men as well) would want to contribute to an anti-choice candidate?

No, no and NO.

I really wish, instead of pissing in the wind on this one, the DCCC would get solidly behind the electable PRO-CHOICE Michael Wager, who is in swing district Ohio 14 and COULD beat freshman David Joyce with a little muscle behind him.

Since Steve Israel and the DCCC are off on some little cloud of unreality, I ask YOU to look at sending contributions to Michael instead.


Maybe Steve Israel should read this:

And stop sending emails like this:

Anastasia —

As Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, it’s my job to find the best candidates to run for Congress.[Then please do so and dump this one]

One of our top races is Jennifer Garrison in Ohio’s 6th district — this seat is CRITICAL to winning a Democratic majority.[If this is your “top race,” you have insulted the women of Ohio. What good is a Democratic majority if we start to beef up the decimated Blue Dog Caucus again?]

National Republicans know it too. That’s why shady special interest groups will be targeting Jennifer, ready to spend HUGE amounts of cash to buy this seat.[Yeah yeah, they target everybody. Jennifer’s main problem is that Democrats know she’s anti-choice and don’t need shady special interest groups to tell them]

If we are going to win a Democratic majority against the right-wing establishment and all the cash that goes with it, Jennifer needs to have a huge showing for Monday’s big FEC fundraising deadline. Will you help her do it? [No]

Please help Jennifer have a strong grassroots showing by giving $3 or more before Monday’s critical fundraising deadline. [Not on your life]

Every dollar counts, so we need every one of you to step up and give whatever you can.[Not to her:]

Please dig deep for Jennifer.[So she can go to D.C. and fight to take away women’s rights? That’s not money well spent.]

Let’s get Jennifer elected.[Let’s not]


Rep. Steve Israel
DCCC Chairman