Fisher Campaign Confirms Staffing Shake-Up


The Fisher campaign now confirming what we reported last night – Geri Prado is no longer with the campaign is being replaced by veteran operative Jay Howser.

Columbus – Today the the Fisher for Ohio campaign is announcing a new campaign manager, Jay Howser. Jay is one of the most experienced Democratic campaign managers in the country, having worked most recently with Senators Chris Dodd and Mary Landrieu. Fisher campaign spokesman John Collins released the following statement:

“Geri Prado worked tirelessly over the past 10 months to help us put this operation together and Lee is enormously appreciative of her leadership. Jay Howser comes to us as one of the most experienced campaign managers in the country, and we are excited to grow our operation. As the campaign season draws near, we will continue to work aggressively to make sure voters understand the choice they face this Fall, between a Washington insider who created this economic mess or a candidate who has a proven record of protecting and creating jobs in Ohio.”