Tea Party Revolt Threatens to Destroy Ohio GOP


As Democrats dust themselves off from a brief playground scuffle and come back together with eyes on November, the Ohio GOP is finding themselves dealing with a whole new list of self inflicted wounds. As a way to inflate their stagnant membership, Ohio GOP candidates and officials have been all too quick to lure Tea Party protesters into their tent the way Orkin might use peanut butter cookies to draw out a mouse.

The problem for the GOP though, is the mouse is angry. And now the GOP can’t get rid of them. And they’re breeding. With signs.

Here’s a video (unfortunately not ours), from last night’s GOP Executive Committee Meeting in Columbus. The Tea Party protesters, new to the party, are outraged that Mike DeWine is the lone GOP candidate for Attorney General, and they’re even more outraged that far-right State Rep Seth Morgan, CPA, now has to deal with David Yost. Throw in some “we’re taxpayers” and some “second amendment” and you’ve got a delicious mix of chaos heading into the party’s May primaries.

The GOP tent is collapsing as their new friends gnaw on the tent poles. Classic.

Best line in the video : “I’d vote for a Democrat before I’d vote for DeWine”