Kucinich Action PAC Announces Support for Candidates


A lot of Dennis Kucinich’s actions are headscratchers, and this is no exception.

A few months ago, Dennis Kucinich announced his post-Congress plans. He launched his Kucinich Action with the goal of supporting candidates his followers believed shared their progressive ideals. We wrote about it in July:

Now, FINALLY, with weeks to go before the election, he has announced the first three candidates Kucinich Action will support, who he’s dubbed “Champions for Change.” If you follow progressive narratives at all, there are no surprises here. They are Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, and Florida congressional candidate (and former congressman) Alan Grayson.

Kucinich’s email to his followers says,

They are the leaders we need to stand up for us when no one else will. They are the advocates for economic justice who represent the fundamental fairness and decency of the American middle class. They are true champions for change and with less than three weeks until election day, we need to do everything we can to support them.

That the Kucinich faithful picked these three is not what’s perplexing — just that Dennis waited until the election is less than three weeks away to announce the choices.

They are all worthy of support, for sure, especially Sherrod. If you’d like to support them AND Kucinich action, here’s the link: