Zimmann and Sutton Land Major Newspaper Endorsements


Angela Zimmann, running for Congress in Ohio’s 5th congressional district against incumbent Bob “Who?” Latta, and congresswoman Betty Sutton, pitted against fellow incumbent Teabaggin’ Jim Renacci in the 16th district, have landed endorsements from major newspapers in their districts.

Sutton was endorsed by the Akron Beacon Journal, which covers a portion of this gerrymandered district.…

Among other things, the endorsement said,

In many ways, the measure of lawmakers the past six years involves their response to the severe recession and its sluggish aftermath. Sutton has been among those who have grasped firmly the crucial role of government in cushioning the blow and preventing something worse. She embraced the auto rescue and the stimulus package, and each proved effective. More, the Copley Township Democrat played a key role in launching “cash for clunkers,” a temporary and successful measure to give automakers a needed boost, an episode in which she showed a capacity for compromise and strategic deal-making.

To temper its praise, the paper trots out that old newspaper standby about “her tendency to seize on villains, whether China or outsourcing.” This same argument keeps getting lobbed at Senator Sherrod Brown too. Those in fact ARE enemies of Ohio workers. But it goes on to say, “She understands the changing economic landscape and the essential role of investing in people, from health-care reform to Pell Grants.”

Meanwhile, the Toledo Blade, the major daily in the 5th district, has endorsed Zimmann.

It says she “offers ideas, energy, and a commitment to overcoming the stalemate in Congress that make her a better choice for the district.” It points to her promise to “work in Congress to end tax incentives for businesses to expand outside the country. She seeks increased funding for veterans and job-training programs and for road construction and other infrastructure improvements.”

The Blade says of Latta that “he calls the econ­omy his top issue, but has done little to improve this region’s economy. He cast a misguided vote against the fed­eral bail out that saved Chrysler and General Motors” and adds that he “has not been pragmatic or constructive, instead clinging to the ideol­ogy of the far right.”

In fact, both Renacci and Latta are exemplars of far-right ideology, no matter how ineffective or disproven. It’s refreshing to see a couple of Ohio’s newspapers recognize that these two dynamic women have real ideas that benefit Ohio’s regular working people and not merely a handful of the wealthy.