State of the Union : Jump in the Bump


The President tonight set forth a crisp, clear, focused direction for our nation. Too often, we as Democrats receive these types of speeches with applause and euphoria.

Then we go back to normal.

But if Democrats – nationally and locally – want to regain the trust voters gave us in 2008, we’ve got to start taking action. No delays. Just action.

The President will no doubt see a bump in his poll numbers this weekend. We MUST be able and ready to jump in that bump and govern. We’ve wasted a good year letting teabaggers and angry conservatives steal the agenda and trample our mandate.

No more. Obama 2.0 starts tonight.
Not a reboot, just an upgrade.
Better. Faster. Stronger.

Don’t let the President’s agenda and leadership stand alone. Let’s get it together and fight with him. For jobs. For reform. For America.

Great speech Mr. President. We’re with you now more than ever.